Designated Areas

Discover Malta's Special Designated
Areas: Enclaves of Unique Cultural
and Exclusive Beauty

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Special Designated Areas

A Special Designated Area (SDA) is a particular status that is granted to a development of apartments, houses, villas, and Penthouses within Malta or Gozo.

Under the terms of the status, the houses can be purchased by both EU and non-EU citizens without the need for an AIP permit. This means the individual can purchase as many homes as they wish, and they can also rent them out as they deem fit, without any issues

These developments are extremely popular, not merely due to the administrative benefits. They are predominantly high-end, luxurious complexes that are in desirable areas served by many amenities. Most offer resident-only swimming pools, gyms, parking, security and CCTV, shops, and car-free zones.

Properties in SDA's provide a smart investment, a superior standard of living, and impeccable and stylish surroundings in Malta's most sought-after areas.

List of SDAs

SDA Properties Available