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Why list with Just Zanzi?

With Just Zanzi, you will get a great package including marketing material and adverts that will expose your property for Sale in Malta or Gozo to thousands of potential customers searching for a property.

We guarantee that we will give your property the highest priority that it needs to get it sold quick. With Just Zanzi, we will make sure you have professional photos, videos, and all the material needed for our specialised marketing strategy for your property.

Professional Photography

Professional Photography

Professional property photos will showcase the property in its best light, making it more appealing to potential buyers and increasing its chances of attracting interest.

List On Malta's Top Real Estate Poratls

List On Malta's Top
Real Estate Portal

Listing your property on Malta's top real estate platforms will increase its visibility and reach a wider audience, including buyers who are actively searching for properties in the area.

Free EPC Certifiaction

Free Energy Performance

An EPC is legally required when selling a property in Malta. This will be given for free if you opt for Just Zanzi.

Manage Your Viewings with other agencies

Manage your viewings with
other agencies

Working with other agencies will increase the reach and visibility of your property as they have access to a wider network of potential buyers. By collaborating with other agencies to manage viewings, you can save time and focus on other aspects of the process such as negotiating offers and closing the deal.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

Video property walkthroughs provide a convenient and accessible way to view and market properties, making the real estate process smoother and more efficient.

Priority on Websites

Priority on Website

Giving your property increased visibility on our website will play a crucial role in the successful marketing and sale of your property. It will increase visibility and target the right audience.

Social Media Paid Ads

Social Media Paid

Targeted social media advertisements will ensure that your property reaches a wider audience, including potential buyers who may not have otherwise seen the property listing. Our dedicated marketing team will promote your property the best way possible.

Open House

Open House

An open house will be organised by our specialists which will provide the opportunity for your property to be seen by a larger number of potential buyers, increasing interest. This also provides a more personal touch that will help build trust and establish a connection.

3D Walkthrough

3D Walkthrough

3D property renders help in creating a more engaging and interactive visual experience for potential buyers compared to traditional photographs, giving them a virtual tour of theproperty. They can offer more detailed and accurate property layouts, features and finishes.



Several mailshots will be sent to our mailing list showcasing properties for sale, giving high priority to properties listed with Just Zanzi.

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