6 Quick and Easy Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent in 2023

6 Quick and Easy Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent in 2023

A new year means new beginnings and for those who may have been thinking about embarking on a career in real estate, it provides the perfect opportunity to take action. There are lots of great reasons to become a real estate agent especially if you like meeting people and flexible working hours. But there is a lot to learn and plenty of challenges along the way so here are our top tips to help you succeed.

Skills & Personality

Let’s start with the basics. While you don’t necessarily need any formal training to start a career as a real estate agent, there are still things you need to consider before you jump in. You’ll need a car for sure, one that’s clean and in good working order. And you’ll need to be able to communicate in English, with people from very different backgrounds. And, you will definitely need the right attitude with positivity, discipline, honesty and transparency being key to a long and successful career.

Finding the right team

If you’re confident that a career as a real estate agent is for you then the next step is to find the right team. Pretty much every real estate agency will claim to offer a great environment with plenty of training opportunities and other motivational and wellness programs added to the mix. At Zanzi Homes we’re more than happy to encourage prospective real estate agents to do their own research into which agencies offer the best support in Malta and we’re confident that our commitment to our people, our customers and our community will become very evident. The training and support you receive at the start of your career will be the foundation of your success, helping you understand the way the property market in Malta works, how best to market properties and the pitfalls to avoid. A genuinely supportive environment will also give you access to new technology, ideas and market data, to help you maintain this success over the long term. 

Getting your license

The Real Estate Agents, Property Brokers and Property Consultants Act came into force in July 2020. The legislation regulates the licensing of real estate agents, property brokers, property consultants and branch managers in Malta. As a result of this law since January 2022, all estate agents require a licence. This requirement, however, does not stop you from starting your fareer in real estate as you are allowed an initial 12 month period to gain experience in the sector providing that during this time you are working with a licenced agent or broker. This gives you all the time you need to get to grips with the industry and make sure it's for you while at the same time following the necessary courses and obtaining the qualifications that are needed for a licence. 


Key to any successful real estate career is networking. While a good real estate agency will have plenty of properties and potential buyers in its pipeline, you will need to develop your own steady source of potential buyers and sellers. 

Being a natural ‘people person’ always helps but it’s important to make an effort to find and attend events, or join groups and associations, that can really help you with new leads. Specific real estate events are an obvious place to start as are industry related events in sectors such as architecture, construction and interior design, which will be attended by both potential buyers and sellers.

You can also cast your net further afield. A good example is the wedding industry where wedding planners and service providers such as caterers and photographers could be well placed to provide you with introductions to young couples looking for their first home. On the flip side, you might also think about networking with lawyers who specialise in divorce which again often means a change of residence. Whichever way you go about it, develop a clear networking strategy and stay focussed on it. It is only with time that people will build trust in you and forward leads so don’t expect immediate results.

Brush up on your social media and digital marketing skills

Effective marketing can take your network of potential buyers and sellers from the 100s to the 1000s. No one is surprised to learn that most searches for a new property start on the internet and that most initial enquiries to real estate agencies and agents come through social media or website contact forms. Making sure you are visible to potential customers online is vital but it’s only the first step. You need to have the right processes in place to make sure you communicate the right message to them and are able to respond quickly and effectively to any incoming queries and even public comments. Developing a great marketing strategy will undoubtedly help you get ahead of the competition. At Zanzi Homes we give the necessary support and training to all new specialists, so there is no issue if you do not know how to create social media campaigns and paid ads, the process is explained in detail from scratch. 

Develop your business plan

Our sixth and final tip is to treat becoming a real estate agent like setting up your own business. While working for a good agency will give you lots of support, you still need a plan for growth and targets to hit. And you will still need to manage costs, including tax liabilities, and cash flow. Creating a good business plan also means researching and thinking about the market and trying to identify new opportunities that others may not yet have seen. Don’t leave the development of your career to chance and make sure you have a clear a plan in place, with clear processes, so you can measure progress with a degree of certainty. 

At Zanzi Homes we are always happy to discuss a career in real estate with anyone who is interested in joining this fast paced and exciting industry. If you’re sure becoming a real estate agent is what you want to do or even if it’s just a thought, contact Paul Trapani Galea on +356 77428 780, or by e-mail on [email protected] and we’ll see how we can help you on your journey. Alternatively, one can also apply online here: bit.ly/jointeamzanzi 

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