How Real Estate Agents in Malta Create a Work-life Balance

How Real Estate Agents in Malta Create a Work-life Balance

Being your own boss sounds great. Flexible hours, not being tied down to a desk for 8 hours a day and relying on only yourself. These are just some of the benefits working at a real estate agency offers. We speak to Zanzi Homes Real Estate Agent Michela Gatt to find out what she does to strike a healthy work life balance.

What advice would you give anyone looking to start a career as a Zanzi Agent in Malta?

Working as a property negotiator can prove to be a challenging task. You need to think about balancing the administrative tasks, customer needs and expectations, and your own personal life. While also juggling requests from your colleagues and clients. This industry is highly competitive, especially when dealing in the sales side.

“This job requires you to be alert at all times as speed is key when it comes to sales,” says Michela.

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How do you set the tone for your day?

Start your day off right! By curating a morning routine to get you in the groove, you’ll be setting the tone for the rest of your day. This Training Zone article goes into the specifics of how the first 30 minutes of your day determines what your day will look like, what you will accomplish and the attitude you’ll have towards it. 


Zanzi Homes Real Estate Agent Michela suggests waking up early and allocating the first hour of your day to training and feeling good to achieve this. “This time will give me the boost of energy needed to feel motivated throughout the whole day,” she says. “It also allows me to set that positive mindset to the start off the day, which helps me navigate through stressful situations I may face. Having set the right attitude will help you be more grounded throughout the day.”

What do you do to switch off for a break in the day?

Don’t be a slave to your phone. It is acceptable to give yourself a break and switch off after a long day. “Regarding my phone, I usually give my brain a break at around 20.00pm, but this really depends as well on whether I'm about to close off a deal, as this will require my full attention.”

As a real estate agent at Zanzi Home we prioritise taking time out of the day to have a break.

Take Some Down Time.

Whether it’s spending time with your family, a day by the beach or enjoying a good book with a tea in your hand, always know what stress reliever works for you. Work out what is necessary for you to have in your life and try to have a balance of these things. “My favorite stress reliever after work would be some quality time with my family. Something I find that helps me is reflecting on my day and how I could have made it better,” comments Michela.


Bonus Tip!

“Something I would definitely add, is to not compare yourself with others in this job. Always focus on yourself and how you can make it better for you.”

Here’s a breakdown of what a property agents day looks like here at Zanzi Homes .


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