Join our Zanzi Homes Team today - reasons why you should join

Join our Zanzi Homes Team today - reasons why you should join

The real estate industry in Malta is booming and has sustained the ups and downs of the wider economy. It’s no wonder many people are thriving in this industry. But it is not just the industry that leads to the personal growth and success of so many of the Zanzi Homes agents in the team. If you are considering making the leap into a career that offers more flexibility, self-reliance and the chance to use your creativity to drive your success, then joining Team Zanzi could be your smartest move yet. 


Hear directly from a Zanzi Homes agent herself: 

“What initially drew me was that I wanted a challenge and I wanted a job that was exciting and different. A job that wouldn't have me sit at my desk all day.

What keeps me there is the team, and the fulfilment I get from helping someone find their first home or investment I enjoy servicing people to the best of my ability.

For someone considering it I would say that it's not the easy job it's made out to be and sacrifices have to be made in order to be successful but if you put your mind to it, and enjoy the job for what it is with all the ups and the downs it can be a start of a great career.”

Jessica Portelli


How real estate agents at Zanzi Home create a work life balance 

This is many people’s ultimate dream – designing a life whereby your work doesn’t only serve your success but also your lifestyle is achievable. Especially when you’re free to design your work day around your needs (to a degree) – whether it’s picking up your kids from school, staying home with an unwell child, doing the grocery shop for your parents or starting a little later in the day to get in your health routine. This is all possible and feeds into you managing your life and your work and showing up as the best version of yourself for both. Zanzi Homes not only ‘allows’ but encourages this kind of work life balance. 

Long time Real Estate Agent Marc Kane Cachia shares his daily routines that he uses to make the most of the flexible working schedule and self-reliant culture that comes with being part of one of the fastest growing real estate agencies on the Maltese Islands and beyond.  

Real Estate Agents are offered constant opportunities for training 

The Zanzi Homes Academy is a new training program that the QLZH Group invested in that is offered to all new recruits joining the sales division. If being a real estate agent is new territory for you, this couldn’t be a better place to start a new career. You’ll be supported by Zanzi Homes every step of the way. This intense and detailed program for sales property specialists is a month long training program with both an element of classroom and on-the field training. This will offer you in-depth insight into industry knowledge, client relations and help you stay ahead of the game.

 “Zanzi Homes and the QLZH Group were founded on a strong belief that success and growth comes through consistent and motivational training.  We have always provided our people with coaching but following the rapid growth of the company, we felt the need to revisit our offering and upgrade our modules”, he explains.

And it doesn’t stop there. With decades of combined experience across all of their branches, you are among experienced and skilled property specialists. 

Zanzi Homes are committed to Innovation that improves the service

Innovation, Diversity and Purpose are Zanzi Homes 3 core pillars that drives this business from strength to strength. With a team focused on constant improvement, its no wonder that the agents working with Zanzi can offer new and innovative ways to improve the real estate sector and be ahead of the game. The QLZH app is one such innovation. 

The QLZH app has over 51,000 listings on the app with over 521 property specialists constantly on the look out for the hottest, most competitive and attractive properties in Malta and Gozo. This app allows you to experience property in a whole new way.  

Joining team Zanzi means working with awesome people

There’s nothing like going to work and loving the people you work with. It creates a work-family where everyone feels supported and welcome. Many agents mention that they love working with awesome people. With over 500 property specialists in the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes team across the Maltese Islands, you’ll be joining the largest real estate group in Malta. A lot of time is invested in creating close knit groups at every branch and with many opportunities to come together as one big family. Again the work/life balance extends beyond the desk to fun activities that bring everyone closer together. 

The Zanzi Homes team are all about motivating each other 

The team culture at Zanzi Homes is a huge part of what contributes to a growing and loyal team. The bi-weekly company meetings and multiple skills training sessions are a regular highlight where people learn new industry insights, meet colleagues and feel motivated. 

Joining Zanzi Homes means being part of the wider community

One trademark that echoes throughout the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes culture is the dedication and commitment to not only offer the best real estate service but also to support the community across the Maltese Islands. The QLZH group commit to planting one tree for every property sold and they plan to plant over 1 million trees within 10 years, making Malta a greener, healthier place to live. 

From seabed clean ups to building schools, supporting education initiatives and their community focused activities with Make A Zanzi Wish and other projects driven by the QLZH Foundation

If you still have more questions or are interested to know more, do not hesitate to get in touch or visit one of the Zanzi Homes branches to discuss how you can take the first step toward your dream career. 

David Brookes
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David Brookes