Why one should join Zanzi Homes?

Why one should join Zanzi Homes?

With the real estate sector boom across the Maltese Islands in recent years, it's no wonder that there are dozens of agents have set themselves up to capitalise on the market. But whilst many have come and gone, Zanzi Homes has maintained its position at the forefront of the market, with offerings and after care services that are hard to match. Below we outline what it is that draws so many people to join the Zanzi team, and look to truly change the direction in which the Maltese realty sector is moving. 

The three pillars 

All good businesses have at their core a set of principles that help them shape the way they operate within the market and set them apart, and Zanzi Homes is no different. Focusing on three main organisational pillars, their business model remains true to their goal to put the client first. 

Innovation, Diversity and Purpose sit at the core of what drives the business to hold itself accountable to its vision. Constantly looking to drive new processes and systems for optimum performance and client service can be seen in instances such as the creation of their QLZH app. Striving to service all areas of the market whilst simultaneously believing in equal opportunity for all who are willing to put in the work make them stand out as employers in an already saturated market. And believing that their business can do more than simply sell houses is highlighted through initiatives such as their goal to plant one million trees over 10 years



One big, BIG family 

With 517 real estate specialists across the Maltese Islands, QuickLets and Zanzi Homes are the largest real estate group in Malta. But don't let their size fool you. Each branch is a close knit group of individuals, united as one large family, with an office culture that is supportive, helpful and loyal. And this extends well outside of what can be considered standard working hours. Aiming to foster a healthy work/life balance, with fun being a core component in ensuring that employees are able to do their best, whether it be in the office, showing properties, or in their spare time. 



Knowledge and experience 

Stepping into a new career can be daunting to say the least. Yet somehow Zanzi Homes manage to ensure that anyone who is serious about making waves in the real estate business is afforded every opportunity to do so. With decades of combined experience across all of their branches, new estate agents are given an in-depth insight into industry knowledge, client relations, as well as continually educated on constantly evolving laws and procedures to make certain that they are equipped to provide the best possible service and be confident in their position within the industry. With specialised and individually focused training, each and every person wishing to work with Zanzi Homes is given the opportunity to hone their skills in the specialised area of real estate that they want to focus on. Be it through Zanzi Homes for residential sales, or through the other arm of QLZH, QuickLets, specialising in both commercial and residential letting. 



Community at its core 

Perhaps the most significant element of Zanzi Homes ethos is their desire to not only provide the best real estate service among the Islands, but also to serve the area that surrounds them. Not just through the already mentioned million trees initiative, but with a comprehensive approach that sees the company participate in ocean and coastal clean ups, building schools, supporting education initiatives, and their incredible community focused activities such as Make a Zanzi Wish. All of this is driven through their QLZH Foundation, with a strong focus on initiating change in the way companies consider not only their place within the environment, but also how to improve it. 

Have we got your attention yet?

So now you know at least a little about what makes Zanzi Homes such a trailblazer in the field of real estate. Day by day, brick by brick, home by home, the Zanzi team are committed to achieving the high standards they lay out for themselves, and things are only getting better. If you fancy getting involved in a fun, supportive, team based environment, why not pop into one of our branches to discuss how you can take the first step in your new career. 

David Brookes
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David Brookes