5 important reasons why you should work with a real estate specialist to find your perfect home

5 important reasons why you should work with a real estate specialist to find your perfect home

If you ask a friend or relative about their home-buying experience, it’s quite likely they will tell you that in the beginning they tried going solo and tried to find a home without any help from property agencies. In all probability, they’ll mention hours scouring social media platforms looking at listings, or perhaps the classified section in the Sunday newspapers. The most organised among them probably even had a spreadsheet in which to list potential properties and keep track of what they've viewed or what's no longer available. All too often the tale ends with them realising that looking for a property had become a time-consuming part-time job and resorting to an estate agent to do all that work for them was a much better solution. 

Time is money

One very obvious reason why real estate agents exist is convenience. Time is money and not everyone has so much to spare as to spend hours looking for properties online or in the newspaper, and then make calls and fix appointments, only to find out the home has just been sold. Or to realise too late that the listing is for the same apartment you viewed four weeks before and which you didn't like. 

Engaging a real estate agent is therefore more straight forward, not least because they can do the searching for you. They know what properties there are on their database and it is their full-time job to search. They will also take care of scheduling appointments for you. Additionally, there is less chance that the seller will cancel their appointment as they'll have built a working relationship with the estate agent

A more targeted search

After telling the real estate agent what you're after, their job is then to find properties which they think could be to your liking. Even though most people are perfectly capable of reading the listing and deciding for themselves whether the property is what they are after or not, an agent might have access to a larger portfolio of properties. Their job is to sift through the thousands of properties for sale and find ones that fit your budget and criteria, automatically giving you better access to the homes available on the market. 

Plus, it could also be the case that some properties are not overtly put on the market for many reasons. Perhaps the sellers do not want to make public the fact that they are selling their home and how much they're asking for it.

Estate agents will prove their worth especially if you're looking for a home with a particular feature, like for example a space that is suitable for converting into a gym, or home office. The agent can do a better job than a search engine at identifying a property that can satisfy your unique request, especially if it's a feature that is not included in the description or the images of the property.

Another advantage is that the agent's trained eye might recognise the potential in a property you might otherwise overlook. All of us have heard stories of people who have fallen in love with a place the minute they set foot in it, but in the most unlikely area they were not even considering. 

Better Confidentiality

Because life happens, sometimes there may be sensitive situations that are relevant to the purchase of a property, the details of which we do not necessarily wish to repeat to every seller whose property we go and view. This is another situation where it is convenient to have an estate agent. You could confide in them and let them handle the matter without the need to provide further explanations. 

Briefs you on the jargon

Whether this is your first time buying a property, or perhaps you're on the market again after many years, you might find it daunting hearing about the rules and regulations and how to go through the process. It helps knowing that real estate agents know all the ins and outs and will gladly guide you through the system and explain how it works. 

Eliminates the need for confrontation

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the whole affair is negotiating the price, and let's admit it, not everyone feels comfortable doing it, despite it being a salient issue in the whole matter. A real estate agent's job is to alleviate you from that stress, act as mediator and carry out the negotiations on your behalf, if you so wish. The agent is emotionally detached from the property, plus they have years of experience that have honed their negotiation skills.

With so many sellers and buyers entrusting Zanzi Homes to help them in one of the most important steps in their lives, we might just have the property for you. Give us a call or go to our website at https://www.zanzihomes.com/ and request an appointment with one of our professional agents, who with their years of experience and regular training promise to give you the best possible service.

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