Real Estate Professionals are Experts at Keeping you Safe when you Sell

Real Estate Professionals are Experts at Keeping you Safe when you Sell

For some the Covid-19 pandemic is a distant memory, but for many it is still a reality. This should not stop you from going ahead with your plans to sell your property. The estate agents at Zanzi Homes have spent the last two years innovating and coming up with new ways to keep their clients feeling safe during the pandemic. And that will not stop now. 

Working with a Zanzi Homes real estate agent does not only mean you’re in safe hands when buying or selling your property in Malta or Gozo, but you are also safe from any Covid related repercussions. 

Real Estate Agents will stay up to date with the latest guidance on in-person showings

Agents agree that there is no point in risking your health. Though there currently no ongoing updates or restrictions happening in relation to Covid-19 pandemic, if you would like to take necessary precautions, feel free to communicate this with your real estate agent and they will inform you of the options that can be put in place to keep you safe when you sell. 

Ultimately, this is for your safety but also all of the other parties involved, so extra precaution is a good thing. 

Zanzi Homes offers virtual viewings and other digital tools that can improve your chances to sell your property

Besides using sanitizers, real estate agents can also use different technology to help keep you safe during the process of selling your property in Malta and Gozo. Zanzi Homes has been offering virtual viewings for a while now and they have perfected the model. This is a great way to show potential buyers around your house without them needing to visit your actual property. This means only serious buyers will visit your home, again reducing the number of people you need to interact with. 

Zanzi real estate agents can also use this method to do their listing appointments in this way even before you have any visitors, agents can save you needing to meet with them in person, as well as save you some time. 

Other digital tools that are being used to serve buyers are: 


  • High-quality photos for website and social media – this is a game changer in the industry. Professional photographs can be the difference between your property looking like a bright, open and inviting place vs a dull, smaller property. Don’t underestimate the power of great visuals for online marketing purposes. Especially if you are trying to find serious buyers through digital platforms as a first port of call. 
  • Tackling the paperwork online – If you’ve ever bought a property before, you know the shelves of paperwork involved in the long transaction. Besides having a trusted expert to guide you through every page, our Zanzi Homes agents will also make things easier by using e-signatures when possible. E-signatures are a safe and legal way to avoid some of the required meet-ups that are being used by real estate agents as well as banks. For more information on this, speak to a Zanzi Homes real estate agent who will guide you as to when you will need to use e-signatures and how to go about it in a safe way. 
  • Video Conferencing: the Covid-19 Pandemic definitely propelled us into using conference and online calls more frequently. And with the added efficiency of it, why not keep it going? Our Zanzi Home agents are happy to have a chat with you online to go through all the essentials wherever possible. 

Ultimately, the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up a lot of different industries and for the real estate industry it’s help professional conduct business for the better. And we plan to continue building and improving on this. From hygiene procedures to continually evolving technology, the team at Zanzi Homes are dedicated to providing a safe and professional service to get the job done, and done well. If you’d like more guidance on selling your property in Malta or Gozo, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


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David Brookes