Looking to buy property in Malta? Use this time to create your wishlist

Looking to buy property in Malta? Use this time to create your wishlist

Everyone’s wants and needs are different when it comes to how a person lives. There are so many factors that contribute to whether a home is suitable for your needs that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Houses, much like personalities, are all unique and it’s imperative that you buy a property that fits your lifestyle. It’ll make for a happier, stress free home in the long term and by creating a wishlist you’ll be covering bases you maybe hadn’t thought about before. Below are some handy tips that’ll help you clearly define if a property is for you.


open plan space or a compartmentalized space

What space works for you 

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When exploring property for sale in Malta, finding the right space that suits your current needs and desires is vital. From penthouses to apartments, from farmhouses to maisonettes, Malta offers a variety of unique properties and making the right decision on which sort of property suits your lifestyle is key. One of the best ways to find the right property in Malta is to consider what works for you in both your current home and previous homes. Have a browse through the Zanzi Homes online portal to get a glimpse of the thousands of properties we have on our books. Then give us a call if you’d like a friendly hand from one of the Zanzi Homes real estate agents.

Below is a checklist of things you should consider.

-How big will a property need to be in order for you to live comfortably without having excess unused rooms?  Consider how many bedrooms or bathrooms you’ll need both now and in the future and also consider your current and previous homes and think about what best worked for you previously.

-Would you prefer a single story home or would multiple floors work better for you? Also consider if it’s best to be on the ground floor or if you’re comfortable living higher up. If living on an upper story then lift access could be essential to you.

-Consider windows and light, many people love a home to be bathed in the glow of the sun whilst others prefer a darker space to hide away from the bright sunshine. Take the time to enjoy the views at properties you attend too! Waking up to a great view can really elevate your mood but may not be an essential for you personally. 

-Do you prefer a home where silence is plentiful or are you comfortable with some background noise?

-Would an open plan living space work for you or does a more compartmentalized space work best?

-Is there a space you’ve always wanted such as a hobby room or home gym?

-Would you prefer a property with character or does modern architecture appeal to you?

community best suits your lifestyle

Considering the community you want to live in 

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Something that really impacts our lives is the community we choose to live in and it’s a factor that should be considered carefully when buying a property in Malta. When you first visit a property it’s wise to spend some time exploring the local area, talking to residents and taking note of what’s on offer within the community. Some of the key ideas you can explore are:


-Would you prefer a quiet, relaxed community or a bustling vibrant community?

-Is parking difficult or does the property come with a garage?

-Are there shops, parks, public transport links, schools, doctors or other amenities nearby that are essential for you?

-Are there lots of activities nearby or maybe too many causing high volumes of people and traffic?

You should really consider what sort of community will fit your lifestyle and needs. Something simple such as noise levels can be overlooked and cause you to be unhappy down the line so really spend some time in your desired community to get a feel for it before you buy and make a checklist of all the elements that you consider necessary. 

Outside space 

When buying a property in Malta and Gozo it’s worth remembering that outside space comes at a premium but, with those long summer days, having a place to spend time outdoors really can make or break a property. When looking for your property in Malta it’s worth considering how much outside space you really need and what exactly you’ll use it for. Some things to consider are:

-How much space will be enough?

-Is the space easy to maintain or will it be a burden?

-Consider where the space exists, for example a roof terrace may be suitable for entertaining but may not be suitable as a play area for young children. 

-Take your future plans into consideration when looking at outside space too I.E. If you plan on starting or expanding your family with children or pets then choose something that fits with those plans.

-Look at the curb appeal of your house too and consider how you may be able to improve it. 

-As previously mentioned it’s wise to consider a garage or carport if you own a car and there’s no parking locally. 

Overall everyone's needs differ so take the time to sit down, go over the above lists and think about what will be absolutely necessary for your new property in Malta after all, your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make and getting it right first time is crucial! Get in touch with our team of experts at Zanzi Homes if you’d like a friendly hand and making the right choice. 

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