Thinking of downsizing to an apartment for sale in Malta? Here’s how to get it right.

Thinking of downsizing to an apartment for sale in Malta? Here’s how to get it right.

Maybe the kids have moved out, the flight of steps is now a pain in your bum or more likely, your knee, the pool is more often green than blue, the cleaning takes more time than entertaining friends or your garden looks like the set of a horror movie. The day has come after 18 plus years of waiting for your home to feel a little more empty. You may now be thinking about your next step, possiblysuffering from empty nest syndrome. Sound like you? 

You may want to downsize to a more efficient space or maybe you’re just tired of your noisey neighbours. Moving to an apartment or at least a smaller square-metered house can offer a low-maintenance alternative sacrificing quantity in square meter, but not quality. 

After living in a townhouse or villa for a while, downsizing to an apartment may prove to be difficult to adapt to so get all the help you’ll need by reading on and talking to one of our experienced and helpful Zanzi Homes agents who are committed to.

Find the right property for sale for you

Your first step in this process is to write a list of all the things you wish you had in your previous home to help you figure out what aspects you want to have in your new home. It all depends on what your priorities are and what you want out of your next home. You may be looking to move to downsize and find something requiring minimal upkeep and to maybe start spending more time enjoying the place rather than cleaning it for once. Finding a well-proportioned modern flat for sale in Malta or Gozo for you shouldn’t be a difficult task. If you’re nervous about finding a place too small consider living a more minimalist lifestyle

Call for an inspection from one of our real estate agents

Have one of our Zani Homes agents investigate the building, whether it's a small block of apartments or a building complex you don't want to come by any surprises after committing. Be sure to have your prospective new home checked out by a professional to ensure that you won’t have to deal with past tenants’ mistakes and that there are no major renovations that need to be done that you were not aware of. 

Find the perfect home to retire in Malta or Gozo.

Location is everything

If you’re looking for your next property it’s likely that you’ll end up spending a lot more time looking for the right location. Retiring in Malta or Gozo is merely a dream for most foreigners who visit Malta Here’s a guide to help you decide whether you’re better suited to city life or countryside tranquility .

Or maybe you’re a first-time buyer who’s experience always revolved living in a huge space that doesn’t suit your current requirements. In that case be sure to check out Zanzi Homes’ exclusive First Time Buyer package where you could save up to €13,000! One of the most important factors to always consider is if all your necessary amenities are close by. 

Complex committee

Keep in mind that when moving to an apartment complex they usually require there to be an owners’ association or board that makes the decision on behalf of the rest of the residence in the block, as well as set regulations. The association may be chosen by the residents themselves. Their job is to keep track of expenditures and finances of the complex and set regulations. 

Strategize with you real estate agent

Have a strategy in mind. Have viewings set and know what you’re looking for. If your main reason for selling is downsizing, don't let yourself feel the pressure to sell and end up leaving yourself less to live on. Don't make huge decisions instantaneously rather give yourself time to think about it and get advice from your real estate agent in Malta or Gozo. Finally, the actual move, here is some advice to get it done easily and effectively. 

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