Big City Life v.s Country life

Big City Life v.s Country life

Has this strange time inspired you to pack up and leave for the wilderness? Moving out of the hustle and bustle of ‘city’ life and finding a finished property in the openness with more surrounding quiet space will help ground yourself in these hectic times. Deciding to pack up and move into the countryside won’t only help your bank account, it will also help you slow down, relax and re-evaluate what you are prioritising.


Change in production levels

The hustle and bustle of the ‘city’ life may be getting to you at this point, with COVID-19 regulations still as confusing as ever! Trying to avoid crowded areas in the city may be a feat. You should also consider the fact that working from home may start getting to you at this point. Sharing a workspace with your partner is a new and different experience for many couples. Working in a cooped up small space can be tedious and frustrating, hearing Zoom calls from the other room can be distracting and can hinder your work process. Giving up your smaller central apartment for a more spacious property the countryside could be the key to improving your wellbeing.

The perfectly finished property in Zebbug for sale fully furnished.


Finding the perfect locality

If you live in bustling towns like Birkirkara, Valletta or Mosta, buying a finished property somewhere more isolated and closer to nature even on such a small island can totally change the pace of your life. Never before have we appreciated being outdoors and in nature more. Whether it’s a form of entertainment, therapy or exercise you cannot replace the feeling of breathing in that fresh air and feeling the crisp winter breeze on your face - even with a mask on. Let your real estate agent know what your priorities are and what your lifestyle is like so they will have the information needed to be able to scope out the best area for you.

You don’t have to go far to live in the countryside. Just think outside the box. Here's a link to our series on Discovering towns all over the island to get the inside scoop on Gharghur [], the perfect balance between city and country. Gharghur is just one of those places. And there are many others offering this same balance.

Buying a property in the countryside doesn’t necessarily mean loads of work and renovations - although you may want to give it your personal touch. The real estate agents at Zanzi Homes have plenty of finished properties in various villages and smaller Maltese and Gozitan towns that they’d be delighted to show you.

No more parking problems

We all know that going home early, only to spend 30 minutes circling around the block to find that glorious white-boxed-parking spot, is not the best way to end your day. If this is a daily occurrence, can you imagine the relief of buying a property in Malta or Gozo where parking places are not a daily nightmare? Finding a place with the perfect balance of isolation and yet accessibility to amenities is possible. This will eliminate the need to jump in the car every time you need to get to the grocery store. We love this gem of a property in Ghajnsielem, Gozo for just that reason!

Buying a finished property in Gozo is also a great option when looking to find an isolated area.


Know your neighbour!

Finding an area safe enough for your kids to be able to place outside in the road with peace of mind, whilst also being exposed to some fresh air and greenery is invaluable. You will love the sense of community with your neighbours. Being able to trust them with your kids will make your life easier and will be a great way for your kids to find close friends to grow up with.

Here are some things you should consider if you are thinking of finding a finished property in these areas.

And of course, we wouldn’t be doing you any justice if we didn’t give you the full picture and highlight some of the potentially less desirable sides to it.

  • School transport for the kids in the morning may be a challenge so consider taking them for your morning drive.
  • Poor public transport is a problem all around the island and may get trickier as one goes further out of the centre you go.
  • This may be a pro and a con though you may start to feel more cut off from the rest of the island, for some this may be a bonus other times it may be daunting.

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