Adriano Runza

Sales Specialist


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Adriano Runza

About Adriano Runza

Speaks: Maltese

Branch: Ibragg

Years of Experience: N/A

Top Achievements: N/A

Adriano began his journey in the property industry as a broker in 2015, dedicating three years to honing his skills and gaining valuable experience. In February 2018, he received an unexpected call from Steve Mercieca, offering him the opportunity to join and manage the Ibrag branch of QuickLets & Zanzi Homes. Familiar with the company's exceptional culture and Steve's remarkable leadership, Adriano gladly accepted the invitation. Before fully immersing himself in the property industry, Adriano came from a background in sales and graphic design, having taken over his family's advertising agency for a remarkable 15 years. However, his passion for the property industry grew exponentially, and he decided to make a career transition. Adriano is deeply fascinated by the dynamics of the real estate market, embracing both the advantages and challenges it presents. Outside of work, Adriano has a profound love for cars, motorcycles, and radio-controlled model aircraft. Above all, he cherishes the precious moments spent with his family. Additionally, Adriano is immensely grateful for the dedication of his team of exceptional sales and letting specialists. Their unwavering commitment contributes greatly to the success of his branch.

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