Malta rated second best country in the world for expats

Malta rated second best country in the world for expats

Malta is earning quite a reputation amongst expats as a friendly Mediterranean island drenched in sun and blessed by good weather, whilst offering favourable work conditions. Our islands are the ideal place for expats to invest in a home for them and their families and below you will find the many reasons why.

According to the 2016 Expat Insider survey, one of the largest expat surveys worldwide, Malta ranked second best in the world as a place for expats to live.

This has very positive consequences for the property market, with Zanzi Homes offering the ideal place for property sellers to list their properties and for expats to buy their perfect home.

The survey analyses everyday expat life in over sixty countries worldwide and thousands of people from around 191 countries or territories take part. Despite Malta only entering the country rankings two years ago, it held third place in 2015, and saw its place on the podium climb a step higher this year.

Why is Malta such a great place for expats? That is besides our crystal clear waters, easy going lifestyle and low taxes…


Easy to settle down

Malta has been conquered by many different empires and cultures over the centuries. Since we come from such a rich, mixed heritage, we Maltese are noticeably friendly towards foreigners.

In the survey, expats were asked about how easy it is to make friends and how important it is to learn the local language. Malta performed best in this index, coming in fourth place, which is a nod to our renowned friendliness and widespread ability to use English.


Working abroad

Malta has a stable economy with a steady growth rate, which is very attractive to foreigners. Especially when you place this in the context of a recovering European economy, which has recently gone through a fiscal crisis that barely touched Malta.  

Although Malta dropped from first place in 2015 to fifth this year, the 22% of expats completely satisfied with their work-life balance was still above the global average of 17%.


Financial well-being

Malta made an impressive jump from 42nd place in this index in 2015 to 6th place in 2016. In fact, one quarter of those surveyed stated that they were completely satisfied with their financial situation.

Even though Maltese salaries are considered to be less than those abroad, not one respondent said that they were completely dissatisfied with their financial situation. This could be due to the fact that comparatively Maltese wages serve us quite well when compared to our cost of living.

The average Swiss wage may be far above what we earn in Malta, but buying a coffee in Switzerland will cost you an arm and a leg.


Great quality of life

Malta can offer expats a climate that some people can only dream of. Further North, the weather is invariably much colder and darker. Malta boasts double the amount of hours of sunshine that its northern European neighbours have on an annual basis.

Partly on the basis of exceptional ratings for the Maltese weather, Malta jumped from 17th place in this index in 2015 to 6th place in 2016.

Malta’s impressive healthcare system, leisure options and a sense of safety also play an important part in ensuring a great quality of life.


What’s not to love?

If you are thinking about moving to Malta and the above reasons are not enough to convince you to do so, we will add another. Anyone looking to invest in a property in Malta or Gozo will find their needs perfectly met by Zanzi Homes.

We will be with you every step of the way and ensure the process is as easy going as the Maltese life style.

Yet another positive reason to invest in Malta is the attractive government schemes for people who buy property here, one of which is the Individual Investor Programme, where property is the investment of choice for wealthy individuals looking to buy a Maltese passport.

Property sellers should not hesitate to benefit from the influx of expats to Malta either. Listing your property on Zanzi Homes’ website is just the first step to sell to one of the many individuals thinking about choosing Malta as their new home.

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