Meet the Team: Simon Soler

Meet the Team: Simon Soler
My name is Simon Soler and I'm Maltese. I studied and worked in the United Kingdom for a number of years before returning to Malta to work in the Health and Safety Industry. I love travelling and offering my time and resources to charity.   When I turned 40 I decided I needed a new bigger challenge and  Zanzi Homes was my answer.
I joined Zanzi Homes as a Sales Specialist a few months ago and haven't looked back since! 
Name: Simon Soler
Age: 40
Hobbies: Camping, Travelling and helping raise money through Round Table Malta for various charities.
What were you doing before you started at ZH: Sale of Products related to the Safety and Security Industry.
Favourite thing about working at ZH: Atmosphere is great, feels like a real team, everyone ready to help one another!
What motivates you to work hard: Ambition 
What's the most daring thing you've ever done: Landing a plane!
Include a meaningful quote: Work for a Cause, and not for Applause. Live Life to Express and not to Impress

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We know how to have fun :)

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Simon Soler
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Simon Soler