Top Locations for Houses of Character for sale in Malta

Top Locations for Houses of Character for sale in Malta

Looking for an old traditional house for sale in Malta? It’s all about location, location, location. 

Buying property in Malta requires knowing where to look. 

Malta offers a unique property investment opportunity as there is such a large variety of property types to choose from. However, one of the designs that raise interest more than most is that of the older, more traditional builds, otherwise known as a house of character.
If looking to buy property in Malta, this can be one of the better options to look into, given their unique and varied building design, generally prime locations, as well as an often significant return on investment over time. 

Below we identify some of the top locations where property gems such as these can be found, and if interested, we suggest moving swiftly, for these types of houses don’t stay on the market for long. 


Maltese properties for sale in the South

Southern Styling 

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Historically, a lot of the older traditional houses in Malta were established in the Southern part of the island. As one of the dominant areas for traditional fishing families, so embedded in the Maltese culture and history, it is logical that some of the larger (and more affordable) houses of character can be found. 

Buying property in Malta in the vicinity of either of the three main southern cities, Marsaskala, Marsaxlokk, or Birzebugga is generally considered a sound long-term investment. 


In a property for sale in Malta, you can find historical bricks and building methods.

The heart of Malta 

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Of course, if you wish to be closer to the central hub of Malta and its more vibrant community, yet still own a piece of Maltese history, then perhaps the center of the island and surrounding areas is more for you. 

Property for sale in Malta is seeing a market boom, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find great opportunities in areas such as beautiful Valletta and its neighboring communities of Attard, Lija, and Mosta. 

As these areas are significantly more built up than their southern counterparts, you may be forgoing the addition of outside space to your Maltese property purchase, but this is outweighed by the excellent access to other parts of Malta. 


pool as part of the farmhouse when buying property in Malta.

The land of herb and veg  

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If greenery is what you are after though, then the Northern part of Malta should tick all your boxes. Generally considered to be the land of the farmer, the North of Malta is littered with farmhouses and houses of character. With much of the land still undeveloped, you can find Maltese property for sale here at good prices, with the added perk of outside space. 

Add to that your ability to source produce from local farmers' markets, and access to some of the best beaches and nature walks, and you have a winning combination for anyone who appreciates the outdoors. 


Everyone loves a classic 

Perhaps you want the best of both worlds and to be able to visit the coast easily whilst also not feeling too distanced from a bit of suburban life. A lot of people still opt for the traditional townhouse for just this reason. With Maltese residential areas often seeming somewhat crowded, traditional townhouses offer huge amounts of space, often as they were built long before large-scale development took over on the island. 

From Mellieha through Sliema and down onto Birkirkara you can find the ideal property for sale in Malta, and at a decent affordable price. 

The best thing to do is to take some time to think about the style and location you are looking for, and then take a look at our zanzi homes  website. With the largest database of properties on the island, we are sure to be able to help you find your dream home in the sun. 

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