Steps to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Steps to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real estate can offer a rewarding career however, it can also be challenging. Here we look at steps you can take to maximize your chance of success in the industry.

You are the expert 

The first step any estate agent in Malta must take is to familiarize themselves with the property market. It may sound obvious, but with so many properties for sale in Malta and Gozo in a variety of different locations, it’s important to understand the value of each area and what the average cost of a property in that area would be. 

This isn’t something you can only do once as the property market is ever changing. It pays to stay up to date so that you can present accurate information to both buyers and sellers alike. Get started by browsing through the Zanzi Homes and QuickLets websites. 

Understand the buying process 

Again it may seem obvious but ensuring you understand the buying process in full is vital, especially as each sale may differ based on the property type or circumstances of the buyer and/or seller. 

Once you understand the basics of the process, it’s wise to set up a variety of imaginary scenarios so that you can understand the intricacies of what each sale may entail. What are the differences when a property in Malta is purchased outright versus one with a mortgage? What happens if a property has a communal area? What are the implications when the buyer is a ‘First time buyer’? All these factors should be fully explored and understood so that your clients have full confidence in you. 

Stay up to date with property laws and schemes in Malta, that way you’ll be able to get the best deals for your clients.
Ever changing laws 

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When selling property in Malta it’s vital to keep up with the laws. Quite often the government puts new schemes or incentives in place that can help a buyer save money and that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your client’s face! 

These laws can also differ between Gozo and Malta so be sure to understand what schemes are on offer and what savings a buyer could make as the savings can be quite substantial. It also helps to have a basic grasp of property and construction law in general, whilst you don’t need to be a lawyer, advising your clients about future potential of a property and what they’re able to do with it will help you net that sale! 

Understand the client

When you understand the clients needs, then it’s much easier to pinpoint the exact property in Malta that they want and showcase it to them in a way that amplifies the fact you’ve listened and found them what they really desire. It also pays to get to know your client a little as they may have future plans that play a role in the property they choose. 

A great way of ensuring that you cover all the bases is to write down 5 to 10 questions you’ll ask each client with the purpose of fully understanding what kind of property will fit their lifestyle. It also pays to understand the basics of body language, something that’s been used in sales for decades, that way you can determine if your client is excited about a property, disheartened for some reason or simply isn’t interested providing you with a deeper understanding that could be the key to landing that all important sale.

Understanding and using technology to your advantage can give a real boost to your career in real estate.

Use technology

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Using technology can really boost your ability to find the right property in Malta and Gozo for your client in a fast and efficient manner. Tools such as Google Earth allow you to explore areas around the islands from the comfort of your own home so if a client needs to be close to a specific area for work, near the sea or has any other requirements you can quickly rule out areas and also find areas you or the client may not have considered. Technology will also keep you organized which is vital as well as allow you to communicate with buyers and sellers. A good quality laptop and a phone with a good camera so that you can send up to date pictures are essential. 

Present yourself 

It goes without saying that you must present yourself in the most professional manner possible. Not only do you have to dress the part, you have to walk it, talk it and behave in a way that lets the client know you have their best interest at heart and that you’re the only agent they’ll need for what could be the biggest investment or sale of their life. Be friendly, courteous, well groomed and ready to work hard, 

Are you interested in a challenging but rewarding career in real estate? Firstly, check out how our super agents at Zanzi Homes strike the all-important work-life balance. Then get in touch with us at Zanzi Homes to find out about your career in real estate. 

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