Zanzi Exclusive - What will you get?

Zanzi Exclusive - What will you get?

When you decide to sell your property in Malta you’ll no doubt want a fast, hassle free sale. With such a vast market it’s important to put your house in front of the right audience and that’s why Zanzi Homes are proud to announce our new exclusives package.

Many people attempt to sell property in Malta directly without any experience or knowledge and end up sitting around waiting for a buyer to snap up their property only to discover that the interest they expected simply isn’t there, or is it? The truth is unless you can present your home in a professional way to an audience that is looking for exactly what you have then chances are you’ll be waiting a long time. That’s why we’ve introduced the Zanzi Exclusive Package which is designed to speed up the process of selling your home in Malta whilst offering a vast range of benefits. 


Save on agency fees and find the right buyer 

With the Zanzi Homes exclusive package you’ll save a whopping 4% on agency fees. I mean who doesn’t love to save money? And when you’re talking prices in the hundreds of thousands, 4% adds up. 

Because Zanzi Homes is part of the largest real estate group in Malta we have access to thousands of buyers looking to snap up a new home within our database which means we can put your home in front of thousands of potential buyers instantly vastly increasing your chances of selling your property in Malta quickly in a no fuss professional manner! Once it’s sold you can then use that 4% saving to celebrate the sale in any way you see fit. 

Having a professional media team producing walkthroughs and photography of you home is a huge advantage that really does make all the difference.

Professional media 

Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

One of the most important factors when trying to sell your property in Malta quickly is presenting it in a way that shows it at its best. A few simple phone snaps simply won’t impress potential buyers and badly shot photographs can often put buyers off viewing your property all together, that’s why as part of the new exclusive package we offer a team of trained professional photographers who’ll make your property shine and show it in its best light but, that’s not all! We’ll also provide a professional videographer who’ll produce and edit a complete walkthrough of your property. The video walkthrough is also enhanced with a full 3D overhaul which highlights the finer details of your property. This  =gives potential buyers a POV viewing from the comfort of their own home maximising the possibility of a quick sale.

We’re passionate about the environment at Zanzi Homes and our free energy repost and certificate can really make a huge difference when selling your property in Malta.

Help the environment 

As part of the exclusive package you’ll also get a free energy performance report and certificate which details the average energy cost of your home and will also show the impact the energy usage has on nature and the surrounding area. With many buyers being conscious about the environment and rising energy costs this factor alone can turn a casual home viewer into a buyer.

Because we believe strongly and passionately in protecting the environment we’ll plant a tree for every property listed with us to help offset the carbon footprint of each home! In fact, to date our team has planted over 3,200 trees! 

A whole team of expertise and professionals 

The exclusive package offered by Zanzi homes comes with a team of over 200 qualified property specialists and professionals who are ready to put in the work and ensure your property in Malta sells fast for the right price to the right buyer. We have over 30 offices scattered around the country and of course a massive database of those looking to buy so you can rest assured that there’s nothing more anyone could possibly do to make sure your property in Malta sells as fast as possible. 

So, If you want the best chance of selling your property in Malta with minimal fuss, save 4% on agency fees, have an entire team of real estate professionals behind you, have professional media that showcases your home in the very best light possible whilst marketing it to a vast database of buyers all whilst helping the environment then get in touch with us today and let us help you land that no fuss quick sale! 

Main photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

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