How to Sell your property during the Festive Season

How to Sell your property during the Festive Season

It's the middle of the Christmas season and many people are wondering if this is a good time to put their property on the market. We take a look at some of the pro’s and con’s to make sure you put your most festive foot forward, and ensure success when selling your property in Malta.  

What to think about when selling your property at Christmas

Christmas time may mean the market slows down a bit and everyone focuses on panicked present buying and where to hang their stockings, but there are numerous advantages to sticking that ‘For Sale’ sign up at this time of year. 

For starters, there is a lot less competition out there. As a lot of sellers place their attention elsewhere, the market inevitably opens up giving your property less competition to fight against for views. With decent properties for sale in Malta and Gozo being more rare than a sighting of Rudolph, this can also look to increase competition amongst buyers, meaning the opportunity to seek a higher price for your Maltese property for sale.

You will also find that those buyers looking into the market at this time are a lot more serious with their intent to purchase. They will have a strong desire to seal the deal. 



An inviting home can make buyers more interested in your property for sale in Malta
Setting the scene (no, not the nativity one) 
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As December in Malta generally means cooler temperatures and greenery everywhere, this puts your property at an advantage to be seen at its best. Instead of sweaty stair climbs and dry, brown backdrops, selling property in Malta during the winter means home-viewers can comfortably take the time to imagine themselves in their new space, without the chance of heat stroke. 

And who doesn’t like Christmas lights and the distant sound of carols floating on the breeze? For most people, buying a home is far more than just a financial transaction. It’s an emotional journey, and seeing a new property in a setting like this can really help them to picture what it would be like living there. Tugging on those heart strings and maximising not just the look, but the feel of their potential new home is easier when people are already wrapped up in the magic of Christmas.  

All that glitters, isn’t tinsel 

Of course, there are the potential negative aspects of trying to sell while Santa makes his rounds. Whilst not enough to dissuade going to market altogether, it's important to note some of the more stereotypical buyer responses to a seasonal sale and adjust your position accordingly to capitalise on them. 

All I want for Christmas…IS TO SELL MY HOME!

As it's generally seen as a quieter time of year for the market, putting your property up for Sale in Malta during Christmas could give potential buyers the impression you’re keen to get the sale done quickly. After all, if it appears you're more interested in selling your home than spending time with family, all sorts of assumptions could be made. They may believe that there is something wrong with the property, or worse yet, that you wish to sell because of financial reasons. This in turn could lead to a haggle over price and lower offers getting put forward. 

It's also important to note that with most people focusing on their Christmas menus and where to hide the presents, there’s a chance there will be fewer fish in the buyers pool interested in looking at the market, as they tend to tighten their finances leading into the new year. 

Generally a quieter time of year all round, it’s inevitable that a lot of agents will also be taking leave during this period, meaning that the sale process could take longer than expected. That is unless you have taken the time to prepare, communicate with your agents in advance, and taken the time to investigate the market trends for this time of year.   

Doing your research when selling property in Malta over Christmas can save you time and money

Our gift to you

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The good news is, when it comes to property for sale in Malta, the agents of Zanzi Homes work harder than any of Santa’s elves. Our offices around the Islands will remain open during this season so our team can do the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on decorating your tree and mastering your mulled wine recipe.  



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