When Buying Property in Malta should you opt for Old or Old Old? What’s best for you

When Buying Property in Malta should you opt for Old or Old Old? What’s best for you

Buying a home in Malta can be both exciting and terrifying. From shiny modern new-builds, to historical homes so old, they look like they should have a beard and a pipe, whispering stories about the knights of St John. Both have numerous aspects that make them appealing, but it all boils down to personal preference, and of course, budget. 

Below we draw some comparisons along with a bit of industry insight from the trust real estate agents at Zanzi Homes, that will hopefully make your decision that little bit easier. 

Malta Properties that are as old as the hills

The Maltese Islands are home to some of the oldest homes in Europe that can still be purchased and occupied by the general population. Some houses dating back hundreds of years, the stories held in their limestone blocks dating back long before the war. 

Boasting character by the boatload, the vast majority of these ‘old old’ properties are historic Maltese farmhouses. Meaning you will often find traditional elements such as water wells, courtyards and large rooms with high ceilings as part of the package. 

Given the age of these properties, they will have an extensive and tracked sale history. So with a little bit of research, you can quickly learn the value of the property in Malta and how this may have moved in response to the changes in the area surrounding it over the years. 

As most older properties in Malta and Gozo are stand-alone, you also have the enviable option of making modifications to your heart's content, and shaping the space into something that aesthetically reflects you as the owner. 

Buying Property in Malta give you “out of the box” options

Buying Property in Malta that’s out of the box 
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If you aren’t inclined to look at buying a Maltese property older than your great grandparents, there are still a number of “middle aged” properties scattered around Malta and Gozo that still bring with them significant benefits as opposed to building on plan or a new build. 

First and foremost you are walking straight into a home that, by all accounts, will benefit from having utilities already connected. Broadband blues? Not here my friend. This will most probably have already been setup by the previous owner. For extra peace of mind, check out you can set up your property’s set up using the Arms portal. You’ll be kicking your feet up to a Dwayne Johnson movie whilst snacking on pastizzi in no time. 

In addition to this, buying property in Malta comes with a whole range of incentives and benefits from the Maltese government. If you need clarity with any of this, don’t hesitate to ask one of Zanzi Homes property agents who’d be delighted to guide you through the details. 

And let’s not forget the opportunity to invest in a property that’s chain-free. Not having to worry about excessive delays in the sale is always a win. And if you happen to be a first time buyer, even better. You won't be selling a property either, meaning the process will be even speedier. 

 Buying property in Malta

Do it your way 
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Consideration for the environment is fast becoming a primary focus across all generations, and the new build segment for buying property in Malta is a good example of this. Most new homes have a focus on energy efficiency, which ultimately means they will be cheaper to run, and you have more cash in your pocket, whilst simultaneously doing your part for the environment. Throw in the fact that modern homes mean a safer and more secure place to call home given the leaps and bounds made in materials and methodology, and you have a winning formula. 

But perhaps the most exciting thing about new homes, and particularly buying on plan, is that you can have absolute creative license. Fancy a loo with a view? Or maybe a rooftop garden is more your thing? Either way, you get involved in the entire process as opposed to simply purchasing something that has already been built. Meaning  when entertaining guests, they can comment on the indoor swimming pool you just had to have. 

You’re new home is calling you 

Whichever way you look at it, Malta’s property market is brimming with rare finds, with unique properties that have their own unique features just waiting for you to add your own brand of flair. You just need a knowledgeable agent to help you discover those treasures. And the folks at Zanzi Homes are the perfect team to help you along the way.

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