Part 1: Country versus City living

Part 1: Country versus City living

People are more focused than ever these days on how they live. Sustainable practices, work/life balance, passion projects and side hustles. But take a step back and a fundamental aspect often lacking focus is where we live. Be it village life or city styling, where we choose to buy a property in Malta has a major impact on all other elements of our lives. 

The location of our houses has the ability to make us love our home life, or dread stepping through the door. In this two part series, Zanzi Homes offers up some comparisons to help you choose what’s best for you. 

Crowing cockerels and country aromas

Since the pandemic, people have been attracted to the idea of being distanced from … well, other people. As a result, we have seen more folks give up their apartments in the more urban areas, and filling their lungs with country air as they move further outr into the quaint Maltese villages.

Buying property in Malta, especially in the country, brings with it dreams of valley views and morning birdsong. However there are a host of pros and cons to be considered. 

Pros of Buying Property in Maltese Villages 

The expert real estate agents at Zanzi Homes and across Malta will all argue that if it’s space that you are looking for, Country life is where it’s at. Both the North and South offer extensive expanses of land, ready and waiting to be explored on lazy afternoon walks, the smell of wild thyme in the air. 

There is the immediate sense of relaxation associated with opening your curtains and seeing an expanse of green in the winter months, something in short supply in the more built up areas like Sliema or Birkirkara. Country air kisses your face as you walk out your front door and greet local farmers, with their produce fresh from the field ready for you to take directly home.

And of course, we can’t forget the costs. When looking at Maltese property for sale in the country, no matter the size, a property of the same specs in the towns will always cost significantly more. You see, space in Malta is always at a premium as there is only so much of it going around. It is an island after all. So property owners in Malta with lots of space in the developed areas of the island know its value, and the asking price often mirrors this. 

Country living offers spectacular views when buying property in Malta

Cons of Maltese Village Life 

While this may all seem idyllic, flip the coin and you can see some of the more limiting elements of this lifestyle. The Maltese islands may be small, but getting from A to B still takes time, and a vehicle. Public transport in Malta has its limitations, especially in the more remote areas, even though the New 2021 Budget has announced that residents will benefit from free public transport by October 2021. 

This leads to the next point. To find the real deal when looking for a country property for sale in Malta, you are going to have to go quite far out of the major towns. This distancing potentially means being further away from friends and family who don’t share the same dreams of fresh air and solitude. 

Finally, There are the hunters. Hunting season in Malta runs from September to January as well as for 20 days in April, meaning that for 6 months of the year, it’s not uncommon to hear the din of shotguns in the hours of dusk and dawn. This is short in comparison to the constant noise of the cities, but something to consider when looking at Maltese properties for sale in the countryside.

Weighing it all up

Considering all of the above, the best thing to do is conduct more research. Speak to friends and family. Liaise with local councils. But best of all, go for a long drive through some of the rural areas of Malta. By doing so, you really get to see the land and understand if Malta country life is for you. 

If you still find yourself confused, contact any one of our agents at Zanzi Homes and they will be able to offer advice as well as show you some of the property options available, so you can make buying a Maltese property as simple as possible.  

Next we shed some light onto Urban living and the pros and cons you can expect when looking for property for sale in Malta. 


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