Part 2: Country vs City Living

Part 2: Country vs City Living

We’ve discussed what to consider when searching for a property in the Maltese countryside. Here we take a look at the other side of the coin, and what draws property buyers to the Maltese towns and urban life, along with things to look out for. 

Bright lights and beachfronts 

In contrast to the countryside, buying property in Malta either close to, or in the townshas its equal share of ups and downs, and we’re not just talking about the roads leading down into Balluta Bay. Like moths to the flame, more and more people are drawn to the densely populated urbanareas of Malta, offering proximity to beaches, whilst simultaneously enjoying the benefits of urban life. 

Zanzi Homes offers a glimpse into the reasons to look at Maltese towns as an option for first time buyers in Malta, as well as pointing out some of its drawbacks. 


As expected with Malta island life, there is a healthy focus on fun and entertainment. Nowhere is this more evident than the cities hugging the sunny coast of Malta. A vibrant nightlife, access to some of the most popular beaches, as well as places to shop ‘til you drop, makes Maltese urban living perfect for those with a get-up-and-go mentality and a desire to draw the most out of their surroundings. 

And what would any town be without the availability of eateries galore? Main roads, street corners and tucked into tiny lanes, you’ll find a wide array of dining options just a stone's throw from your Maltese property. From small bakeries selling mouthwatering pastizzi, through to five star fine dining. Maltese urban living offers a flavour to suit every palate. 

Parking in Malta’s urban areas can be difficult.

Cons of Malta Urban Life 

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The hustle and bustle of urban Malta may draw more people into the toowns, but more people means more noise. Be it the neverending construction works on most street corners, or the constant hum of traffic echoing up from the narrow streets. There is always something going on, and generally that something is pretty loud. So when buying a property in Malta it’s advised to research the area first. Check for future local developments, traffic routes and the vicinity of local party spots. 

Speaking of the hum of traffic, if you’re someone who enjoys people watching from your car, then the streets of Malta’s towns are the place for you. Whilst not nearly as congested as most of its European counterparts, certain areas of Malta are still prone to suffering from traffic jams. Generally confined to early mornings and late afternoons coinciding with work commutes and school runs, traffic can be easily avoided. But make sure to plan ahead and check in with Transport Malta’s traffic updates to get to know what your morning commute could entail.

And then there is the cost of buying a property in Malta that’s within the urban zones. With space being a luxury, properties in the city can seem somewhat constricting in comparison to the countryside. And benefiting from being in such close proximity to all the city has to offer comes at a price. 

Trading critters for concrete

At the end of the day, we all have our preference of where we want to lay our heads at the end of the day. There is no right or wrong answer, but with a bit of research you can make coming home at the end of the day something really worth looking forward to. Be it in the city or the country. The Zanzi Homes real estate agents team are here to help. Contact any of our branches to speak with one of our experienced agents who can help you find a house, that can become your home. 

Main blog photo courtesy of Christophe Faugere from Pexels

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