4 Tips to selling your house this summer.

4 Tips to selling your house this summer.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming summer season here in Malta, hot beach days, sunsets and ice-creams but temperatures aren’t the only thing expected to rise in summer. The Maltese property market is expected to heat up as more properties are being listed on the Zanzi Homes website. If you’re thinking about selling your home this is the time to do it. Follow our advice and that of your Zanzi Homes real estate agent to get the best results possible and get your home to sell this summer season.

1. Get yourself a Zanzi Homes agent

Get ahead of the competition and have an experienced agent by your side to give you the best advice for your specific situation. A Zanzi Homes real estate agent will be able to keep you up to date with all the summer selling strategies and real estate market trends.

2. Don't judge a book by its cover but in this case do? 

We don't usually condone this in any other situation, though when it comes to buying a house the outside look is quite the game changer. Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time buyer on their first viewing and question what you would want to see. We can’t deny that the aesthetic appeal of the outside of your home will give an idea of what the inside is going to look like. First impressions make a difference, so put some time and energy into making the outside of your property for sale in Malta or Gozo look worth it. What you’re able to do will obviously depend on what type of property you’ll be selling. Although, whether it be an apartment for sale or a townhouse, get some ideas on how to add your own touch and make your property a home for the next owner to care for.

Colourful eye catching townhouses in Malta and Gozo.

3. Make it light and bright

The great thing about summer is that extra hour at the end of the day which means more sunlight for more viewings, giving you a better chance to sell your townhouse on the Maltese property market sooner rather than later. Take advantage of the natural light and predictable weather this summer and choose your viewing times wisely. People are also more willing to get out of the house due to the beautiful sunny island weather and go for a viewing. Open up those windows early in the morning and let some fresh air in and let the sound of the ruffling tree and birds chirping be the soundtrack to your property viewing and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Opening your curtains or blinds will make smaller rooms feel more spacious, brighter and lighter. Make use of different light sources, natural being the main, also some warm lighting can be used to spotlight some of your favorite features around the house, perhaps your feature wall or your artsy coffee table. Candles are also a great source of warm light and help to create an atmosphere throughout the house.

Make your townhouse for sale in Malta or Gozo

4. Use flower power

Use the power of plants to let people know that they're welcome in your home and show them the jungle mania it has the potential to be. Don’t go for the fake flowers here; they can make a room feel old and tired. Plants have the power to bring a fresh source of life into your property for sale and they don't have to cost half your house deposit. Get creative, use some upcycled food jars and cut some clippings from your next Sunday hike. Here’s some inspiration for which plants you should be keeping in your home.

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