5 Ways to Turn Your Smaller Outside Space into a Haven

5 Ways to Turn Your Smaller Outside Space into a Haven

The Maltese Islands are blessed with gorgeous sunshine and blue skies for 90% of the year. Being able to sit outside, sip a glass of wine after work or fire up a bbq on the weekend with friends is definitely high on home buyers priority list. But homes in Malta and Gozo often do not have very expansive outside spaces. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to use your creativity to transform your outside space into a chill-out haven.

Whether you’re selling a property with a balcony, a courtyard or roof top there are multiple ways you can upgrade it in a spectacular way. This transformation will spark potential property buyers’ imagination to envision how they can get some fresh air and some sun even if your property is an apartment in Sliema or a maisonette in Attard.

1. Balcony Couch Bliss

Turn your balcony into a chill out zone with palettes, cushions and a sprinkle of plants and fairy lights. Use reclaimed wood or pallets to build a low-cost lounger. Add a lick of paint and fancy up with some lush cushions to soften your seating. A string of small bulbs or fairy lights will add a touch of ambient lighting.  This budget friendly DIY seating will turn your balcony from a space you use to check the weather in the morning, to a cosy spot where you can unwind, relax and make the most of your outdoor nook. 

2. Create a DIY wall garden

You don’t need to spend lots of money to upgrade your outdoor space into a thriving wall garden. All you need is sunlight, space to hang or mount your planters and protection from the elements. This type of garden is easy to maintain and works well for properties in Malta and Gozo that have limited outside space and are located in more urban areas. You can flex your green fingers while greening-up your outside space. This post by DIY Enthusiasts shows how they used a wooden lattice holder to hang flower pots. They used a few broomsticks, nails and wire to put this together. Check out the details of their design here.  

Vertical garden ideas to help upgrade your property on sale in Malta or Gozo

Source: https://diy-enthusiasts.com/diy-garden/space-saving-diy-vertical-garden-ideas/

You can get sustainable with this project and upcycle old soft drinks bottles into plant containers using inspiration from this design by Rosenbaum design studio. Each one was cut out and the greenery was placed inside.

Outdoor space ideas for your home for sale in Malta and Gozo

Source: http://rosenbaum.com.br/blog/rosenbaum-responde-ldl-48-horta-vertical/

3. Delight in a Dining Area

Set up a cosy dining space on your balcony overlooking the pristine Mediterranean Sea. There’s no experience more typically Maltese.

Source: Unsplash

What could be better than eating al fresco with friends or family? You don’t need a fully fledged 8 person seating arrangement in order to create a cosy, intimate dining setting. Grab a round table with 2 or 4 chairs and a small suspended bbq. Perfect to share a quick bite with your better half after work. Or host a relaxed bbq with friends on a Saturday afternoon. Add a touch of glamour by lighting a few candles and a few bunches of flowers in jars.

4. Sling up a hammock

 Crack open your favourite bottle of bubbly and chill out on your hammock and enjoy a Maltese sunset from your newly sold property.

Source: Unsplash

Even if you don’t have two strong trees in your balcony, you can find hammocks with free standing posts that offer a quirky and fun experience that you just might love. If you’ve got the space, buy one big enough for two and you can cuddle up and share the holiday feeling or opt for a hammock chair to transform your little outdoor nook. There’s nothing like swinging in a suspended hammock, reading a book on a typical Maltese balmy evening and taking relaxation to the next level.

5. Design your own bar area

Who doesn’t love a bar area to accompany those summer nights of cocktails and laughter? You don’t need to break the bank in order to splash out on a fancy pina colada or spicy negroni. Grab a couple of planks of wood and a pot of paint and get handy with this bar design from ‘Easy Wood Working Projects’ Instagram account. It can be hung up on your wall and tucked away neatly until your next sundowner party. No one will have to walk more than a meter or two to grab a drink – perfection.



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