Get the inside scoop on: Cospicua the largest of the Three Cities

Get the inside scoop on: Cospicua  the largest of the Three Cities

Cospicua is also known as Bormla, is the next location we think deserves the spotlight. Although for most, Cospicua may not be an obvious choice, it offers a great balance of historical value and modern elements throughout this mystical, magical and majestic town.

Its recent redevelopment of most of the landmarks in the area has elevated it to a tourist attraction and residential area, not only for locals but first-time buyers and foreigners alike.

It may be one of the oldest towns in Malta though it is an up and coming one in the real estate industry. And we will tell you why.

History of Cospicua

Cospicua is known as being the largest of the Three Cities, sandwiched between Senglea on the West and Birgu on the East. The Three Cities, Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, have served as a home to many inhabitants of the Maltese Islands and have proved to safeguard the Maltese citizens.

The beautiful and solid fortifications that surround these three historical cities are known as the Cottonera Lines and the Santa Margherita Lines that were originally built by the Knights of St.John with the aim of protecting and defending the Grand Harbour against intruders. Both of these historical sites are mostly still intact and offer a great walk around the city for anyone looking for a property for sale in Malta with a touch of history and who have a soft spot for a leisurely hiking trail. 

Check out Cospicua’s very own Heritage Facebook group to learn more about the wonders of this unique City.

Unique pitch points to buying property in Cospicua


If you’re a first time buyer looking for a townhouse on a budget, Cospicua may be the place for you.  And to sweeten the deal for first-time buyers looking to get the best deal possible, especially with the current Government Scheme being extended to July 2021, check out the Zanzi Homes’ exclusive First Time Buyer package where you could save up to €13,000. 

Located just East of the Capital City of Valletta, making it easly, accessible and central to the rest of the island, Bormla has just gotten a much-needed facelift on most of its main landmarks and attractions. The most obvious of which is the redevelopment done to the entirety of the old dockyard now referred to as ‘Dock1’. Still preserving its historical charm, with its colourful boathouses and old limestone buildings, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more charming location that is this accessible to first time buyers. Walking into the town square teleports you into a different era of the Maltese islands.

Yet, the brand new American University established in 2019, has brought a new modern feeling to the town as well as a young and fresh community through the students that attend giving anyone looking for a property in Malta or Gozo a great opportunity to find some balance in the location they choose to live in.

Aside from the little chapels scattered around the area, Bormla is home to two distinct and invaluable churches on the islands. As you walk up the grandiose and picturesque steps of the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, overlooking the old dockyard, prepare to step into an art-filled blast from the past. Most commonly known for the statues used for the annual Good Friday procession, which sadly was missed this year, it's also known for the priceless display of the ‘Last Supper’ painting.

If you’re the history buff looking to find a property for sale in Malta this is an area rich with historical value. Cospicua may be the perfect place for you as a first-time buyer with the Bir Mula Heritage Museum just a couple of streets down from the Cospicua Bocci club.  

If you’re interested in the area find out more from Visit Malta about its history and the lineage the town has left on the Maltese Islands. 

Types of houses available in Cospicua

The architecture in Bormla is complemented by the newly don-up promenade surrounding the harbour. The majority of houses in the area have been renovated, leaving the traditional Maltese townhouse feel. The facades still hold the rainbow colour in their apertures whilst adding a touch of modernity and style to the inside of many of these townhouses for sale in Cospicua. The quaint houses for sale in Bormla are well priced as most are quite old but this is good news for any of you first-time buyers looking to find a townhouse for sale in Malta on a budget. 

The unique atmosphere of the town and attitude of people has been built throughout the years as many residing in the area have a family business run through the generations. So you’re sure to feel a sense of community if you intend to find and live in a property for sale in the area. 

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