Looking for a property for sale with a Sea view in Malta

Looking for a property for sale with a Sea view in Malta

What a dream to wake up smelling the salty air, hear the waves crashing on the seashore, looking out of your window and seeing the crystal blue sky. To have an escape from the madness of life and live the true island lifestyle. 

Are you ready to get away from the city and find a great escape? Change up your scenery and move somewhere closer to nature and open space? Whether you fancy something big and extravagant like one of our penthouses for sale with a sea view or something smaller and budget- friendly, possibly as an investment property? There is something for everyone when looking along the coast of the Maltese islands. 

Let’s help you wrap your head around this and make your dream sea view become a reality with these helpful tips.

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Do your research

Whether you’re a surfer dude looking to find a place close enough to carry your board down to the waves or you fancy a daily walk by the beach, have an understanding of what options there are out there and know what is available to you. Plan out what your vision is for your apartment by the sea in Malta or Gozo is and compare that to the sea view apartments you can find on the Zanzi Homes website. Have knowledge and research on your side when making your decision and feel more comfortable and confident when coming to the decision stage of the process. Go beyond your standard Google search and speak to locals that own beachfront properties in the area you’re looking into that interests you. As a next step,you can always contact one of our brilliant Zanzi homes real estate agents who can offer you plenty of insights and recommendations for the localities you are keen on.

If this has always been a goal of yours, have a think about it for a while and be smart about your choices. The more you know the more prepared you’ll be in the long run. 

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Location is everything

How do you decide on what area to go for? Be clear about what elements you want to have in your next home. Decide how close you actually want to be to the coast some of the time beachfront apartments for sale may be quite remote depending on which town or village you’re considering. Be aware that beach houses can be super convenient but this convenience may come at a cost. Spend some time in each locality you’re currently considering. Definitely visit the nearest beach and get a feel for the community. Figure out how far away the closest amenities in the area, how close the nearest grocery store is and so on, just to be sure that your necessities are accessible to you. Keep in mind that sleepy seaside villages may be quite quiet during the winter months and only come alive in tourist Spring and Summer seasons. 

Beachfront vs beach town

Do you envision being as close to the shore as possible or would living a few streets in still work with your vision? Consider being slightly further away from the beach as it may turn out to be cheaper, also you’ll have a better chance of finding a place with an extra room if it’s needed if you have a look at places a bit close to the town centre than right at the edge. Be realistic when  having a look around and be sure it’s something you can afford. When it comes to beach front properties for sale in Malta and Gozo don’t only consider that initial price tag, maintenance is a big aspect you should have in mind when looking to purchase a property on the coast in Malta or Gozo. Home insurance for properties on the shore will be pricier to attain due to weather related damages caused by storms and water damage. 

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