Why Work with a Real Estate Agent in Malta?

Why Work with a Real Estate Agent in Malta?

Have you been considering putting your home on the Maltese property market to be sold? Or have you been browsing property sites like the leading Zanzi Homes site to find your perfect future home? Going through it alone may seem like a never-ending task, with all the details, legal intricacies, and unknowns at every turn. Especially if you have no prior experience or knowledge in the field. Collaborating with Malta’s largest real estate agency Zanzi Homes will be a great motivator and as experts in the real estate market in Malta, they can guide you every step of the way. Make the buying or selling process as enjoyable and manageable as possible and get the peace of mind you need. 

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Choosing the perfect Estate Agent.

Finding the perfect forever home first involves finding the right real estate agents to match. Choosing an agent may be challenging as you should always look out for an agent you feel will best suit your requirements, whilst offering the right services.

To start off your search, compile a list of a few potential agents that you feel could be a good fit for your goals. If you have just moved to Malta or are planning your move over, take a look at Malta Guides’ helpful summary of what to look out for and think about when looking for real estate in Malta.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about their process and previous experience with clients and possibly ask for referrals and reviews. After all a real estate agent's job in Malta or Gozo is to help you find the right property - sales is their day job - so why would they not be able to sell themselves and instill confidence in your decision to use them?


The real estate agents at Zanzi Homes are approachable, you’ll find it easy to have a chat about your goals, fears and expectations. You should be clear about what your intentions are and what you desire from this experience. Here’s our guide to get you started on buying your first property or check out the Zanzi Homes Facebook page and start chatting to an agent to find the person you feel confident can guide you on this journey.

Have a checklist of details that you expect from the process including;

  • price ranges,
  • locality,
  • number of bedrooms needed, number of bathrooms
  • the square footage
  • garage

If you’re a first time buyer, Zanzi Homes has just launched the exclusive first time buyer package that offers both brilliant cost-saving offers as well as guiding you through current government tax incentives. Find out more about how you can save around €13,000 with Zanzi Homes here.

Make sure that you and your Zanzi Homes property negotiator are on the same page about all these specifics to ensure that they are able to look for the right property for sale in Malta for you.

Choose from the most trusted real estate agents in Malta.

Advantages of working with a real estate agent in Malta


Listing your property is half the battle. Promoting your property on property sites like Zanzi Homes provides a greater chance of success when planning on selling your property in an efficient time span. Working with leading real estate agents in Malta will not only release the stress of promoting your property yourself on the Zanzi homes website. It will also help to attract the best range of potential buyers putting your home on the Maltese property market.



Finding the right social media, platform or property sites to market your property on to ensure potential buyers are able to access the ad and gain views is difficult. The goal is to ensure that a potential buyer doesn’t get lost in the sea of never-ending properties available especially on the Maltese or Gozitan market right now. Trusted real estate agents will do all the hard work for you, sharing your property on sites like Facebook and other groups.

Property evaluations

Obtaining a property valuation is usually a challenging task. Finding the right person for the job and ensuring that they are giving you the right estimation when you have never conducted a valuation before is tricky. A real estate agent will be able to deal with getting the right person for the job and estimate the probable evaluation.

Securing viewings

Identifying potential buyers and securing them for viewing are two different things.


Negotiating the terms and conditions of a potential offer between you as the seller and the prospective buyer requires experience in negotiations as well as sound knowledge of the current property market. A Zanzi Homes estate agent can guide you on the price point to expect for your property and point out any potential sour deals. Imagine finding your perfect property or the right buyer but hitting a roadblock at this stage in the process. Unwanted and unnecessary. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Agents assist in the buying and selling of homes on a daily basis. They are aware of the process and the obstacles they may be faced along the way. They are aware of the intricacies that come with buying and selling property in particular areas and what it entails. This is one of those life milestones you just cannot afford to ‘wing it’. Find yourself an agent you get along with and can trust. They will be your first point of contact and should be looking out for your best interest. 

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