2021 is your year to invest in real estate in Malta and Gozo

2021 is your year to invest in real estate in Malta and Gozo

Committing to investing in real estate in Malta or Gozo is an exciting endeavour that will reap rewards in the long run, if you invest your money wisely. Malta is not only known for its culture and traditions that come with its history, it has now also now become renowned as a property investment hub.

Investing in real estate can be quite overwhelming to start with; the planning, researching and organising is quite a task. Seeking consultation is advisable. Look to speak to experienced real estate agents in Malta and Gozo who not only know the lay of the land but know the industry and market too. This will turn this potentially daunting task into an achievable project. Real Estate agents like Zanzi Homes can help you sort through the array of options you as a buyer has and help you filter down to find the best investment that suits your requirements.

Malta is a year-round destination for foreigners so consider where are the most active areas when considering a location for your investment property in Malta or Gozo.

Benefits of Investing in Malta or Gozo

Malta is an archipelago, found in the center of the mystical Mediterranean Sea with connections to Europe and the European Union, as well as Africa. This makes it the ideal location for many international companies and locals looking to invest in property in a central European hub of activity and commerce.

There are a number of benefits for locals and foreigners when considering why Malta should be one of your tops picks if you’re looking to invest in property in Europe. The Maltese lifestyle leaves little to be desired. Packed full of rich history, impeccable architecture and delicious cuisine. Malta holds a lot of its pride in pleasing its visitors and residents and are highly accommodating to all. Part of Malta’s charm is the great nightlife on offer. Major projects like Valletta being named European Capital of the Year in 2018 injected life and atmosphere into the city and now the city that once turned silent after dark is teaming with activity from local bars and restaurants that light up the streets with laughter and the wafting smells of delicious local cuisine. The Capital is now a thriving hub, allowing more local businesses to prosper.

It is predicted that the economic performance of Malta will remain stable as GDP growth has been projected by the European Commission to moderate at 3.7% in 2021. As projects are expected to mature, investment rates are expected to remain strong, particularly in the real estate sector. For more detailed information on the current economic situation in Malta take a look at the Winter Economic Forecast from the European commission.

The best part about deciding to invest in property in Malta is the sheer abundance of availability and choice. Whether you’re looking for townhouse adorned with classic Maltese limestone walls or a minimalistic modern penthouse with a breathtaking view, the Maltese and Gozitan market offers a vast selection of different properties at a range of prices that will satisfy all your needs and demands.

Traditional Maltese townhouse entrances that dot the Maltese property market

Benefits for Foreign Investors

Relocating to Malta brings many benefits to the investor. Depending on the chosen investment value, buyers are able to apply for a Maltese citizenship 12 to 36 months after issuing their residency. If you're a foreigner looking to buy a property as an investment in Malta or Gozo, conducting business on the Island is made easier as Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English. For information on the advantages of investing in Malta, visit Astons to find out what criteria you need to become a Maltese citizen.

A selection of potential areas to kick start your investment portfolio


The rapidly expanding town of Swieqi is one of our most popular towns, with new or recently developed buildings.

It’s central location to both the Capital City of Valletta, as well as the commercial hub of Sliema and the touristic hub of Paceville make it very accessible and sought after by Maltese and foreigners alike.


A little town found in the central north of the island, with abundant in churches and villas is the village of Naxxar. The surrounding area of Naxxar offers a village like atmosphere but with all the local amenities of a thriving town. 

Ta Xbiex

If you’re looking for the perfect seaview penthouse on the coast looking over the capital city of Valletta then consider Ta Xbiex as a potential locality for your investment property.A 10 minute walk away from the central town of Msida found on the coast overlooking the harbor one can find detached villas and modernised apartments in abundance. 

You can also browse of our Top 5 tips for buying an investment property in Malta for more step by step advice to get you started. 

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