Get the inside scoop on Gharghur

Get the inside scoop on Gharghur

Welcome to our first instalment of discovering... Gharghur. We’ve decided to enlighten you on the specifics of some of our most cherished towns and villages around our beautiful Maltese Islands. In an attempt to keep our blog readers, and prospective clients in the loop about the various up and coming localities to look into for first time buyers and investment buyers alike. Our aim here is to help you have a clearer picture of what each of these villages may offer to your lifestyle.

Gharghur Countryside Walks

Known as one of the smallest villages in Malta, with an area of just 2 square kilometres, this rural and detached location, separated from the hustle and bustle of its neighbouring Naxxar village, remains a blast from the past. Pregnant with typical Maltese rustic and agricultural surroundings. Perched on a hilltop, great panoramic views are easily accessible from the widely known, and appropriately designated ‘top of the world’ viewpoint. Don’t forget to look out for the niches with statues scattered randomly throughout the village’s winding streets and hidden in street corners.

One of its great attractions, the Victoria Lines, which start off in Madliena and end in Rabat, offers an isolated a place for a family stroll or a solitary walk for the avid nature lover with a little bit of history. The Victoria lines was built as a low defence system built along the cliff edge in the 1800s. Although locals have the pleasure of being immersed in nature, it’s also central enough to have all amenities at your fingertips.


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Types of houses on the market in Gharghur


Whether you’re looking for a new development property or a more traditional house of character, Gharaghur can offer both. However, due to high demand, many looking for new developments in the area find it tricky as they are a rare gem and get snatched up very quickly! This means finding a property to buy in Gharghur is both a game of luck and also requires a little help from real estate agents who know the area and the market. So if you find something you like, go get it! The typical village square mirrors the houses of character and townhouses that are most prevalent in the area. These traditional townhouses carry many original features including old brick exterior and coloured apertures.

Finding a property to buy in Malta can also mean finding a piece of history.

A Gharghur property owner's favourite spot

The authentic parish church, with its picturesque square surroundings, is reminiscent of the tranquil, laid back way of life the Maltese are known for. This lends an air of isolation, making you feel far away enough from the central hustle and bustle, even though you’re one main road away from central San Gwann area. Just a short walk away from the church through the narrow, winding side road, you can find the gorgeous hole in the wall winery that is Cent’ Anni. This quaint wine bar and bistro offers the full Maltese experience with lovely surroundings. To find out more like their Facebook page for bookings and more information - This is definitely a staple for locals and beyond. 


Gharghur is a great village for young first-time buyers looking for a property for sale in Malta, with an eclectic mix of villagers who have lived here with their families for what seems like decades, to new younger families who have just moved in. One thing to be aware of is parking. The good thing is there are many garages that you could opt to let out or buy.

For some more information about the village’s history and ongoings visit the local council website

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