4 Things To Never Do When Renovating Your Dream Home.

4 Things To Never Do When Renovating Your Dream Home.

Looking for the perfect property to buy in Malta or Gozo may be challenging, but once you find your dream home, you’ll be ready to make it your own. Here are a few things to keep in mind and avoid when renovating your dream home.

If you’ve come across a property that is close to perfect but could use your personal touch, why not consider renovating a few aspects to turn it into your home? Or are you considering selling your property and need to spice the space up to get more value for your money? Remodelling your current amenities will help prepare your property for the Maltese or Gozitan market. 

Don’t forget the amount of money you spent on the property to start with! 

Whether you intend to create more space, upgrade materials or simply change up the colour scheme, DIY projects usually require a certain skill set so do your research! Look into how much materials, labour and other remodelling components should cost. Planning is everything when it comes to home renovation! 

Have a realistic budget in mind and try your best to stick to it. Regret may set in if you realise you’ve spent more on the renovation than what you spent on the actual property in the first place. Avoid the heartache by monitoring your expenses as the process unfolds. Always have a budget in mind but also consider that you may have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. When planning you should also acknowledge the amount of time it will take to finish each project. You may go over the planned amount of time so always factor that in when scheduling deliveries and installations. 

Plan for Power

Don’t underestimate the number of tech gadgets you or your family may use on a daily basis. Lack of planning could lead to the inevitable feeling of dissatisfaction when realising that there aren’t enough power outlets after renovating. It’s only until you don’t have enough outlets that make you realise how many appliances you actually use. Figure out your options, a progressive choice would be to include USB ports to your charging stations.


Don’t forget to cover up!

Avoid forking out more money than you originally intended by forgetting to include the costs of the curtains or blinds for your home into the rest of your renovation budget. Curtains can change the feel and style of your property so play around with lighting styles and possibilities that will match the style of the rest of your home.

When planning your lighting out remember that lighting can change the dimensions of your house or apartment in Malta or Gozo. Play around with placement possibilities until you find the perfect balance of some overhead lighting and mood lighting so as to overpower one of the two. Dimmable lighting is a great option as it makes them totally adjustable to the amount of lighting you need and want. 

Stick to your style

A project of this size may be somewhat overwhelming. Especially when it comes to really bringing out the look and feel that you have in your head. You could consider hiring someone to help out. Hiring a contractor or an interior designer may save you a lot of stress when carrying out your home renovation, it’s very easy for them to lose sight of what your vision for your Maltese or Gozitan dream. This is why it’s important to trust your intuition when it comes to making decisions that will contribute to conceptualizing your dream home. We love the idea of creating mood boards on apps like Pinterest or Instagram that help you collect images of your favourite colour palettes, furnishings and overall dream styles. 

Melanie Vella
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Melanie Vella