Top Tips for a Serious Spring Clean

Top Tips for a Serious Spring Clean

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again! Malta has seen its fair share of stormy weather this winter. Most notably last weekend, where wind speeds of over 100km/h hit the island! However, on the whole, this winter hasn’t been too bad. Now that March is here, the weather is beginning to take a turn for the better. That’s right – spring is kicking in! The origin of the spring clean seems rather dubious. Every different source has a different idea about where or why this tradition started. Nevertheless, it is a tradition, and it’s one that’s practiced all over the world. Get ready to roll up your sleeves because we’ve got some top spring-cleaning tips for you. It’s time to give your home the cleaning it’s been waiting all year for. 

A spring clean is no ordinary clean! When you spring clean your home, you normally clean much deeper than usual. As well as cleaning things and areas that don’t ordinarily see a duster or a sponge. We’ll go through your house room by room and give you some tips for cleaning all those little nooks and crannies you’re too used to forgetting about. By the time you’ve finished your spring cleaning, your apartment will feel like a whole new home!

The kitchen is as good a place to start as any! There are tons of places in the kitchen that probably don’t see much cleaning action on a weekly or even a monthly basis. This means there are loads of places in the kitchen to hit during your spring clean! In addition to doing your usual round of washing up and wiping the surfaces, scrub the sink and the draining board. If you have a caddy where you keep your washing up brush or sponge, give this a clean, too. While you’re at it, replace your sponges and your brush. They probably could have done with being replaced some time ago. Fresh season, fresh sponge! Clean out the cutlery drawer, the crockery cupboard and the glassware cupboard as well.

Also, in the kitchen, empty out all of your food cupboards and give them a wipe. Who knows what sort of sticky mess is covering the shelves! Go through your dry stores and throw anything away that has gone out of date. This is a great time to make a list of anything you need to replace or replenish. In addition to the cupboards, empty the fridge and freezer and do the same thing. Defrost the whole thing if you can and give it a proper clean with some antibacterial spray. Your oven and your extractor fan are two things that could definitely do with a going over. Get rid of all the built-up grease with a tough cleaning agent. Make sure you wear some gloves – that stuff will be strong. 

Keep your gloves at the ready for the bathroom! A decent pair of rubber gloves only costs a couple of euros. This is worth it if it saves your skin from chemical burns. Buy a decent limescale remover to cut through all the build-up on your bath, shower, sink and taps. The humidity in Malta makes mould very happy. If it’s found its way into your grouting, before redoing it, try a mould spray. You’ll need to open the window when you use this. You normally have to leave it on for only 20 minutes or so and it works like a charm! When you clean the toilet and the sink, make sure you get all the way round. The vent in your bathroom could probably do with a bit of love, too. The same goes for your shower curtain. Clean the plugs, the toilet brush and the cupboards. Just like in the kitchen, go through everything in your cupboards and drawers and toss or give away any beauty products that you don’t use anymore. 

Over in the bedroom, there’s lots to be done on top of your normal clean. Over and above just changing the sheets, you could air out your duvet and your pillows. Wash your mattress protector, if you have one, and flip the mattress. Dust your bedside tables and trifle through the drawers, getting rid of anything that shouldn’t be there. Another place to trifle through is your wardrobe. Give the shelves a wipe and polish the mirror. Fold up anything you threw in there hastily and put back any pieces of clothing that are in the wrong place. Lift up any rugs, shake them out and pop them in the washing machine (if possible). When you hoover, make sure you get right under the bed. Odds are there are a few socks, and lord knows what else, lurking under there.
When you get around to tackling the living area, get under the sofa like you got under the bed! Chances are, you don’t move or clean under the sofa on a weekly basis. Lift up all of the sofa cushions and hoover up all of the crumbs – after you’ve picked up all the change, of course. If it’s possible, take the covers off your sofa cushions and wash these in the machine. Again, lift up any rugs, shake them out and wash them if you can. Dust all the bookshelves, behind the tv and the ceiling fan, if you have one. It’ll be hot enough to turn the fan on soon and you don’t want a year’s worth of dust flying around the living room when you do! Wash the windows, or the balcony doors, inside and out. In fact, it’s a good idea to do all of the windows in the house while you’ve got the bucket and sponge out. 

Lastly, once you’ve finished going around the house, sort out your cleaning tools! Empty out the vacuum cleaner and clean it as much as possible. Change the bag or the filter, if applicable. Wash your mop head or replace it if this isn’t possible. Clean out the detergent drawer of your washing machine as well. Most machines allow you to pull this right out and give it a good going over. Don’t forget the washing machine filter. Follow the instructions on your washing machine manual to do this, as each machine is different.

No doubt there’s much more that you can do! Stick to our tips and we’re sure you’ll notice more as you go around. A good spring clean will brighten up your home and launch you into the spring in the best way possible. Doing this sort of deep clean every year is a good idea. A house that’s been kept in tip top condition will be more valuable than one that’s been neglected. Hoorah for the spring clean! 


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Victoria Woods