Interior Design Ideas for the Summer

Interior Design Ideas for the Summer

Interior Design Ideas for the Summer 

Interior design trends change from year to year and from season to season. Back in the 80s, it was all about bright colours, bold prints and over-the-top furniture. Nothing was too excessive – the bolder the better! Then came the 90s, where the complete opposite became fashionable in the interior design world. People started decorating their houses and apartments in the most minimalist way possible. Bye-bye bold colours and flamboyant furniture, and hello neutral furnishings and white walls. 

This minimalist trend continued throughout the 2000s. Flat-pack furniture became widely available to most people (although we’re still waiting for our Ikea to open here in Malta!) and simple, neutral styles were the in-thing. Lately, though, homeowners are starting to ditch the mass-produced, flat-pack furniture. It’s all about being unique and ‘shabby chic’! Those who can’t afford one-off pieces or custom-built furniture can personalise their bargain buys with a lick of paint, a different handle or some fresh fabric.  

The business of interior design encompasses everything from furniture and flooring to plants, wallpaper and paint. As is the case in the fashion industry, home décor trends are ever-changing. What once was a really, modern and fashionably-finished apartment will, at a point, become old and dated. It’s not just the passing of the years that inspires shifts in interior design trends but also the changing of the seasons. What works in the middle of winter will look stuffy and heavy in summer. 

When it’s cold outside, it’s nice to be able to snuggle up somewhere cosy. Especially in Malta, interior design can really help to make a place more comfortable in the winter months. Without central heating, Maltese apartments and houses can get really cold! You can make your flat or your house feel much warmer and more inviting by adapting your furnishings. Thicker curtains, fluffy rugs, woollen blankets and warm colours can really do wonders in terms of making your home cosier – as can a portable gas heater! 

Summer, on the other hand, is hot, hot, hot! In Malta, it’s the best season of them all. The tourist trade here is reliant on hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to enjoy Malta in all its summer glory. On top of all the beautiful beaches dotted around the island, especially in the north, in Mellieha, Malta also has great nightlife. All throughout the summer, locals and tourists love to go out and enjoy the many bars and restaurants in St. Julian’s and Sliema. Moreover, Valletta has been named the European Capital of Culture 2018. There’s plenty to enjoy about a Maltese summer, not least the weather. 

In the summer, you’ll abandon the gas heater in favour of the air conditioner in no time. The thick curtains, rugs and blankets that you had furnishing in your home during winter won’t be what you need at all! Whether you rent a property in Malta or you own one, and especially if you rent it out on short let, it’s a good idea to freshen up your home décor when the summer season hits. A few changes will help make your home feel cooler, more summery and more appealing to guests! Lots of interior designers give their own tips on how to make your home feel and look on point during the hottest season of them all. 

One of the easiest suggestions is that you put away all those cosy blankets and remove any rugs that you have on your floors. This will instantly give a summer boost to the look of your home. Not only that, whether you have wooden flooring or tiles, walking on the bare floor will be much cooler than walking on a rug. And you’ll want to make things as cool as possible! You can also replace thicker curtains with more summery ones, such as simple linen curtains. 

Aside from putting up some lightweight linen curtains, a lot of designers encourage homeowners to incorporate as many natural fabrics as possible in summer interior design. This includes things like wicker, which you can introduce into your home in the form of baskets and lightshades, to name a few. Light cotton bedsheets are also a must, to keep sleep as cool and comfy as possible. No one needs to be sleeping in sweaty satin sheets in the height of summer!

Summer is also a time to lighten things up in terms of colour, as well as fabric and furnishings. A fresh coat of paint can work marvels at brightening up your home. It’s also one of the cheapest changes you can make to your apartment! You can pick up a can of paint for less than it costs to get a takeaway! Even if you just paint one wall, it’ll make a big difference. This year, pastels and ‘ice-cream’ colours are in. Think mint greens, powder blues, dusty pinks and pale yellows. Ombre is also in this season, so if you can find yourself some ombre cotton sheets in ice-cream shades then you’ll really be winning!

Channel nature in every aspect of your summer interior design and you won’t go too far wrong. On top of natural fabrics, 2018 is encouraging you to incorporate tropical prints into your summer home décor. Accessorise your house or apartment with tropical artwork and tropical-print fabrics – tea towels are a great choice! Additionally, make your Maltese property feel much more summery with real plants and real flowers. A trip to the garden centre and fifty to one hundred euros is all you need! The more greenery you can add to your home, the better. Fresh flowers are also a lovely addition to your home during the summer. There’s nothing more summery than colourful flowers in bloom! There are plenty of places that sell fresh flowers around the island. You don’t even need a vase – pop a flower stem in a wine bottle and you’re good to go!

Perhaps you’re looking to rent out your home this summer? Doing a few updates to your home décor will certainly attract tenants and now is the perfect time to do so – especially before pictures are taken for the listing. Get in touch with a member of our team at any one of our QuickLets branches over Malta. Our lettings specialists will list your property and get it rented out in no time. 


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