Looking for office space?

Looking for office space?

OfficeFinder.com.mt Co-Founder, John Paul Barbara speaks about the online portal that specialises exclusively on office space. It is an offshoot of Quicklets & Zanzi Homes, incorporating the same interface structure. The software offered to specialists is focused on simplicity and automation. 


John Paul Barbara - After three years specialising in commercial property (both sales and rentals), especially offices, I knew that Malta needed a portal dedicated solely to office spaces. Steve and I came up with OfficeFinder.com.mt, from which one can search for office spaces free from residential properties. 


Other websites which incorporate commercial properties are too focused on the residential criteria, and seldom meet the demands of customers searching for commercial premises. Whilst searching on the website, we’ve also made sure that all properties proposed are available in order to overcome the problem in which customers are too often offered different properties from the ones they picked on the website.


Services offered:


To the request of office owners, we give a valuation of their commercial property, after an on-site appointment is made. Prices vary according to the office specifics, including location, size (square meterage), its proximity to amenities and the level of finish. Additionally, whether the office has an outside area and whether other services are offered (such as manned receptionist, security services, etc.). From my experience, the final price depends heavily on the location’s market-value per square meter. 

Listing & advertising. 


Office owners will then be inclined to list their commercial property with us. Professional photos of the property are taken and all details inserted on our website. Once we have a market-value property, we advertise on diverse portals including online platforms such as LinkedIn & Facebook, as well as local newspapers. 

Client requests. 


A client can request a property by calling or by sending us a message through the website. As soon as the request is received, all the relevant details pertaining to their needs are taken. Viewings are then booked to offer the best properties available for clients. 

Negotiating Agreements.

Once a client decides to proceed with a property, we negotiate an agreement between the commercial property’s owner and the client. We can also provide our own draft agreements. 


Location: Standard House, Birkirkara Hill, St. Julians. 

Contact numbers :      +356 20108777 | 79495969 

Email:                         [email protected]  

Website:                     www.officefinder.com.mt  

John Paul Barbara
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John Paul Barbara