The Big 5 – Indoor Design Tips.

The Big 5 – Indoor Design Tips.

Ideas on Trending Design Features.

Social digital platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and designer blogs now offer an immensely varied perspective. There is an abundance of designing ideas online, and it is not always easy to choose what trend to follow. Here are a few tips to help you out on your search for the perfect design for you!


1. Keep It Fresh.


Modernity equals simplicity, often combining minimalistic styles. Geometry plays a big part in this, combining high-tech technology, metal furniture and elegant interiors. Retro designs are also influencing new home trends big time, as well as light and appealing colours with distinct lighting techniques to create a unique and youthful ambiance.

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Indoor Design Tips


2. All White is Boring.


Many of us tend to go for the ‘safe’ and clean look of white. But too much of it can render a room very boring. Adding some colours may not necessarily mean the wall painting; one mat play around with textures of countertops or adding colour to cabinets, shelves tables and other loose furniture. This will help break up colours patterns in rooms, particularly the kitchen.

There is such a thing as colours psychology. It’s trending, and it’s all about using certain colours to stimulate different moods, such as joy to productivity. Yellow can instigate happiness, whilst blue can bring calmness.

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Natural light is King


3. Natural light is King.


People are moving away from overly fussy, heavy-handed window treatments, Design now focuses on bringing in natural light and simple shades or blinds to provide privacy. Drapery serves only a decorative purpose to frame windows.

Not only does natural lighting improve efficiency and drastically lower electricity bills, but it adds to your home’s character. Connecting your home to the outdoors, you’ll feel closer to nature and probably, happier!

Here are some architectural ideas linked to natural lighting:


vintage-style lamps and innovative lighting techniques


4.   Light it Up!

Lighting serves both as a functional tool and as a decorative element. One can choose to give importance to certain parts of a room, as well as to provide a particular character to interiors.

Current trends are reviving vintage-style lamps and innovative lighting techniques. Ranging from light fixtures, chandeliers, wall lights and ceiling lights incorporating eco-friendly technology for a friendlier and more efficient lighting.  Traditional bulbs are replaced with filament bulbs to add an artistic lighting design look. Off-white colour lamp shades make brighter interior lighting and exposed filament bulbs are used to add unique character to interior decorating with dangling ceiling cords.

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open floor plans


5. Open Floor Plans Remain.

Interior designers agree that open floor plans won’t be going away, simply because they embrace function over formality. This prevents barriers between and within rooms, boosting the use of square-foot of your home.

Families will tend to enjoy cooking, eating and entertaining all in one space. Swapping separating spaces with a distinct function for brighter and bigger spaces. There’s also a social aspect, as one will enjoy cooking whilst also chatting away with family and friends. The overall ambiance also tends to bring a feeling of inclusion and continuity.

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Ideas on Trending Design Features

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