Valletta - Offices

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: Valletta
Air Conditioning

Location: Valletta (The capital city of Malta)

Property Type: Office space (Commercial property used for business purposes)


Waiting area (A space for visitors or clients to wait)
Reception area (A designated space for receiving and greeting guests)
Board room (A meeting room for discussions and presentations)
Server room (A room to house servers and other networking equipment)
3 offices (Presumably three separate private office spaces)
Kitchenette (A small kitchen-like area for preparing snacks and drinks)
3 toilets (Sanitary facilities for employees and visitors)

Fully equipped kitchen (The kitchenette is equipped with necessary appliances and facilities)
7 AC units (Air conditioning units to regulate indoor temperature)
The office's location in one of the best areas of Valletta, combined with ample street parking in the vicinity, makes it a potentially desirable place for business operations. The presence of various rooms and amenities, such as the board room, offices, kitchenette, and toilets, adds to its functionality and convenience for potential occupants.

As with any commercial property listing, it's essential to verify the information and evaluate how well the space aligns with your specific business needs. Additionally, consider contacting local real estate agents or property experts familiar with Valletta's commercial market to get more detailed information about availability, pricing, and other relevant details regarding this office space. They can assist you in making an informed decision regarding this property for your business needs.

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