Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Open in Attard!

Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Open in Attard!

On the 19th of May, the Quicklets and Zanzi Homes (QLZH) Group successfully opened another office in Malta. The franchise is situated in Attard, and[AMT1]  caters for both sales and letting enquiries. As letting offices for Quicklets and sales offices for Zanzi Homes continue to sprout, franchise owners Matthew Curmi, Luke Curmi and Andrew Micallef Trigona are thrilled to engage in their new business venture, currently operating with eight letting agents and four sales agents.

These three entrepreneurs have held strong friendship ties since childhood, and it comes as no surprise that they open this QLZH branch together. They all uphold an appetite for success and aim to add value to the real estate industry. But what made them choose Quicklets and Zanzi Homes?

Matthew Curmi, 26, was instantly drawn to the company, and quickly sought to co-own his own branch. To him, QLZH was an easy choice to make due to the company’s innovative and enthusiastic vision: “From the first time I spoke to Steve Mercieca (CEO and co-founder), I was immediately drawn toward his company’s work ethos and professional approach. The dynamic atmosphere of the team, complemented with their extensive performance was admiring and this definitely lured me in.  In addition, the Group’s revolutionary back office system provides an incomparable insight into the real estate market, coupled with administrative efficiency and acute customer service[AMT2] .  Now, we’re opening our own office – this dream could not have been possible without Andrew and Luke”.

Luke Curmi, 24[AMT3] , comes from a background of sales, has long shared QLZH values: “ I strive to achieve my dreams; those of success, happiness and most importantly, wellbeing. Joining Zanzi Homes has made it more possible, with rewarded hard work and a strong team spirit. Working here truly feels like forming part of a big family, with each and every member sharing the same values. Quicklets and Zanzi Homes grew exponentially within such a short time, and I feel that we can contribute immensely[AMT4]  to the company’s expansion and customer service”.

Andrew Micallef Trigona had initially been practising as a teacher, but after two years in the education sector, he decided to give real estate a shot. A year and a half after that, he is now opening an office of his own: “It was a tough decision for me to make, but I felt I just had to give it a go. Steve Mercieca’s positive energy was a major contributing[AMT5]  factor in deciding to join QLZH. Now, 8 months down the line, with a self-designed state-of-the-art office, there’s no holding us back. We’re truly proud of our team”.

Office Contact details:

Mobile:       +356 99262183 | 99297437

Email:         a.micalleftrigona@quicklets.com.mt | lukec@zanzihomes.com

Website:    www.quicklets.com.mt | www.zanzihomes.com

Address:    85, Imdina Road, Attard.

The QLZH Group aims to open more offices soon and encourages clients looking for places to let or for sale to come and consult them. The Group has seen tremendous development throughout the past year, with a number of new offices opening, offering a range of properties for sale and to let in Malta. In fact, the total number of property agents is currently reaching 200.

 [AMT1]Maybe we can write the address of 35 Imdina Road?

 [AMT2]Mathew wishes to add that this venture wouldn’t have been possible without Luke and I. Something along those lines. (As he is the silent partner )

 [AMT3]Comes from a background of sales within the family company.

 [AMT4]Word repeated in same sentence.