5 tips for finding your dream home in Malta!

5 tips for finding your dream home in Malta!

Whether you’ve been longing for that ravishing apartment in the heart of town or desire the peace and tranquillity offered in the beautiful Maltese outskirts, finding your perfect home in Malta can be quite a stressful and a tiring ordeal. At Zanzi Homes we completely understand the hurdles you may reach along the way. Therefore, we’ve put together these 5 tips which will help you find the dream home in Malta that you deserve!


1. Contact a real estate agent in Malta - Give Zanzi Homes a call!


There’s no denying the fact that real estate agents in Malta know all about the best possible deals on properties. Having established ourselves as leading real estate agents in Malta, at Zanzi Homes, we take pride in offering a prime real estate service, with a wide database of properties for you to choose from.

From beautiful maisonettes, new and finished apartments, whatever property you’re looking for, you can count on Zanzi Homes to help land your ideal home in Malta; completely hassle free and with ultimate convenience.


2. Focus on property location


Where a property listing is located should play a significant role in your final purchase decision. It’s not enough to simply focus on the main elements of your property’s location, you must also make sure to analyse every little real estate detail. First things first, to get it right, we strongly suggest that you compile a list of all your first-choice property areas and outline whether they suit your every underlying need. Ask yourself the following questions:


·       Do I require a real estate area with a great school district?

·       Is the property location within walking/driving distance of my favourite local hot spots?

·       Has the property got all the requirements I need?

·       Is my dream home in Malta close to my work place? AWhat’s the parking situation like?

Although choosing the right real estate area is never an easy decision, if you're new to a place, research on property location will allow you to determine whether the neighbourhood offers the perfect amenities that tick all of your real estate boxes.


3. Rank your most vital real estate needs


One of the most fundamental issues that we all come across when searching for our dream home in Malta is to know the difference between what we actually want and what we truly need to live comfortably.

Here at Zanzi Homes we refer to this as your property wish list and reality check. Highlight every real estate element that appeals to you and separate it into different categories, however many you need to determine what you can and cannot live without. It might be a modern kitchen, a gorgeous sea-view, a two-car garage, a backyard with a pool or a short commute to work or the beach.

Step number 2 is to make a separate list of the essentials for your property. For instance, you might love a two bedroom property, but you absolutely need three bedrooms to accommodate your family. Determine how long you want to own your home in Malta and take into consideration your plans for the future. Think long term and be realistic about property budgets.


4. Get your real estate finances in order


Setting a property budget is hands down one of the most important real estate factors you must consider when purchasing your dream home in Malta. Regardless of whether you are moving in solo, with a roommate, or as a family, feasible pricing is one aspect which could make all the difference.

Remember that you don’t want to find yourself in a tight situation down the line. Don’t waste your time by looking at real estate listings which are way too expensive; be realistic while you begin your property hunt, and create a budget to see what you really can manage each month. Figuring out this vital information can be of huge help for landing your ideal home in Malta. You can save yourself a lot of time, money and stress by knowing what kind of property you can afford from the word go!


5. Be realistic when purchasing your dream home in Malta


By ‘realistic’, we mean being rational and open-minded during your property search. It’s completely fine to be picky about the neighbourhood and home in Malta that you want, but don’t be blinded by minor imperfections which may affect your final decision. If you insist on living in a peaceful town, in let’s say, Mdina, you may miss out on incredible homes on streets that are just as tranquil and secluded in other areas around Malta. It’s all about searching for the best property deals which make the most sense to you and your situation in the long run.


On another note, don’t be so overwhelmed by any “wow” factors that you completely forget about other important issues, such as “ noise levels” that can have a huge impact on your quality of living. Evaluate each property you’ve come across and make sure it all makes sense.


At Zanzi Homes, we know all about the best property deals across the Island. Should you require any assistance in searching for that dream home, feel free to get in touch. Our trained team of real estate agents in Malta will provide you with a professional service to find exactly what it is that you’re looking for.


Marc H. Schembri
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Marc H. Schembri