Why You Should Engage a Real Estate Agent to sell Your Property in Malta

Why You Should Engage a Real Estate Agent to sell Your Property in Malta

It’s no secret that the Maltese real estate market is booming. Have you ever thought about how much your property is worth? Or even just getting an evaluation for your property? These questions have been hitting so many people lately due to the buzz around the real estate industry, that surely real estate agents come to mind, and whether to take advantage of their knowledge and services or have a go by yourself. So, if your next question is: “Why should I hire a real estate agent to sell my property in Malta?”, we hope this article can help you.

Below, we discuss our top five reasons why hiring a real estate agent to help sell your property in Malta is a better option than taking up the tough challenge by yourself.

1. Working with a real estate agent in Malta is more convenient.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. Hiring a real estate agent in Malta is going to make your life a whole lot easier. Picture this; when trying to sell your property in Malta all by yourself, all calls and appointments must be handled by you, at other people’s convenience…. not at your own. Whilst it is all up to you, your daily life must go on as normal, meaning you are less accessible at times - don’t forget that time is of the essence in real estate, missing a call or a reply will only prompt any potential suitors to move onto another property for sale in Malta.

Here at Zanzi Homes, our real estate agents’ full-time job is to act as the intermediary between the buyer and the seller. We handle everything and make the whole process of selling your home much more convenient for you.

2.   Real estate agents are knowledgeable about the property market in Malta and how to qualify a client.

Second of all, a real estate agent in Malta should be completely up to date with the industry and the property market in Malta. This includes a good command of prices according to locality and properties in the area, including intel on good or bad selling points. They should also be able to point out whether the property would make a good rental investment or if it would rather be perfect for a first-time buy, or indeed a second home, which in turn juxtaposes rental income with capital gain.

Selling your property in Malta by yourself might make you lose a lot of time. Why? Not all people who ask to view a property in Malta are quite ready to actually enter into a promise of sale with a property owner. real estate agents are highly trained in time management – they should refrain from wasting property owners’ time as well as clients’ time… and ultimately their own time.

Our real estate agents in Malta are experienced to show your property for sale to prospective clients as well as filtering through all those irritating calls that lead to absolutely nowhere.  

3.   Real estate formalities can be a real piece of work.

Let us be the first ones to say that preparing for a sale of immovable property is not that simple. There are steps to follow, including advice and help from a notary, guidance from the bank, the drawing up of contracts and promise of sales, including the advice from an architect.

All these formalities are part and parcel the sales procedure of property in Malta. When it comes to selling or buying property in Malta, a promise of sale (POS) is there to protect you and ensure you are able to withdraw from the deal, should any conditions not be met, including a loan rejection or property irregularities. It helps set out the agreed terms and conditions between the buyer and the seller of the property, whilst also disclosing the sale price and the date of the final deed (contract) of the property settlement, as well as more comprehensive details such as property specifications and/or finishes.

An experienced real estate agent deals with the same conditions time and time again when it comes to selling and buying property in Malta. Leave it up to your real estate agent to guide you throughout the way.

4.   Real estate agents in Malta have connections

Working with real estate agents goes far beyond selling or buying property in Malta. Yep, real estate agents have a genuine insight into the broad property industry and can help you build meaningful connections for the future. Use your real estate agent in Malta to introduce you to a notary, to a bank or to an architect, and further down the line, finishing turnkey contractors and home furnishing retailers. Real Estate agents know people and make many friends along the way. Look at them as helpful references with pockets full of surprises and leads.

Zanzi Homes real estate agents will definitely help you with all of the above when selling or buying property in Malta. What’s more, our exclusive department for property sales, Zanzi Luxury Homes, offers a complete one-stop shop in giving foreign investors or local residents a professional service, which includes the property search, legal assistance and the provision of superior turnkey interior design finishes and furniture prearrangement for unfurnished properties. We are basically a one-stop shop that can cater for all your needs when selling or buying a property in Malta, and will assist you in every step to successfully acquire a residence.

 5.   Leave the negotiation up to professionals.

Without a doubt, everybody has tried stripping a couple or euros off from an item either on a street market or from a car dealer. Regardless of our possible success, negotiating property is on a completely other level.  Selling property in Malta can be tricky, and people are not always on the same level of communication, leading to aggressive retaliation and disagreeing on concessions.

Selling is an art that takes time to appreciate and master. Real Estate agents with some degree of experience, will work towards both the buyer and the seller’s needs. Admittedly, it’s easier telling an estate agent what you want out of the deal, rather than facing the other party in person. Real estate agents in Malta should help you through tough situations and keep reasonable interests strong in the negotiations. Real estate agents will basically smoothen the sale process.

Buying or selling property is one of life’s most expensive transactions, so it pays to bring in the experts. Professional real estate agents in Malta, here at Zanzi Homes, know how to manage the sale process efficiently. They are trained to speak directly to either party regarding objections and complaints.


Marc H. Schembri
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Marc H. Schembri