Meet the Team: Sandro Bianchi

Meet the Team: Sandro Bianchi
My name is Sandro and I am 51 years old, I am a father of four kids; three from my first marriage Andrea, Matteo and Mikela and one from my second marriage Vladimir. I have finished all levels of education including ITS management level and a degree in Sales and Marketing from the London Sales and Marketing College. I worked for several years in the Timeshare industry in Malta Italy and South Africa. In 1996 I was the person to introduce the Maltese Islands to the world of internet by opening the first internet provider in those days called Video On LIne which was eventually sold to Melita Cable. I then opened my own restaurant Trattoria Fiorino D'Oro. After a few years I left to work and live in London . And now I am proud to be part of this great company who is headed by a person who can easily be called a GURU "Steve Mercieca". And this will be my last role before retiring.
Name: Sandro Bianchi
Age: 51
Hobbies: Waterpolo, Cooking 
What were you doing before you started at ZH: I have worked most of my life in the hospitality industry but also worked in Real Estate with Cassar and Cooper. I have worked in Malta, London, Italy, South Africa and Russia 
Favourite thing about working at ZH: The positive attitude and approach to customers
What motivates you to work hard: Earning good money whilst having fun working
Most Daring Thing: Walking amongst the lions in Kruger Park South Africa.

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Sandro Bianchi
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Sandro Bianchi