Meet the Team: Marco Schembri

Meet the Team: Marco Schembri

I'm Marco and I'm Gozitan. I've lived abroad in my childhood (Guadeloupe, Department of France) and settled in Gozo in my teenage years. Bred from a Legendary Maltese dad and my champion French mum, I stumbled my way into university life and a Promoter / DJing side-career. I've been living between both islands for the past 5 years; studying and working in Malta, then coming back to Gozo to join the nightlife entertainment scene and enjoy a the little peace of paradise that Gozo provides. My dream is to settle in Gozo with my own venture, provide opportunities for people and live the Mediterranean life with the awesome people who live in and visit Gozo.

Right now, I'm in the Zanzi Team. Real Estate is an incredibly fast-moving and inspiring industry. It connects you to many people in very different ways and if you're versatile enough you'll be able to put the pieces together and solve the puzzle. It's a great satisfaction earning a living whilst also seeing friends purchase their first property or a rental investment and seeing the sellers get the return from their investment. It's a three-way win that I'm glad to be part of.

Zanzi Homes is a professional company embracing the right ethics in the industry. Additionally, the firm's ethos is all about being accessible and comfortable. We want to focus and specialise on definite areas, be professional and helpful, whilst being approachable and friendly. We want to give out the best service in the most truthful ways. We're not here to impress, but get the job done.   

Name: Marco Schembri
Age: 24
Hobbies: Tennis, Travelling, Event Organising, Music and DJing
What were you doing before you started at ZH: Planning and Forcasting Administration, HR.
Favourite thing about working at ZH: Lively environment, Work Ethic, Awesome team, Flexible Hours, Satisftaction, Working with people from different walks of life. 
What motivates you to work hard: Personal Aims and Dreams.
What's the most daring thing you've ever done: Went on a 5-week voluntary experience in West Africa. 
Include a meaningful quote: Where focus goes, energy flows.



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Marco Schembri
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Marco Schembri