Meet the Team: Derek Meilak

Meet the Team: Derek Meilak

My name is Derek Meilak and I am originally from the island of Gozo. I have lived in the UK, Australia and the US (where I was born) and have travelled quite extensively, especially to off the grid places around South East Asia, getting infatuated with countries like Nepal and Cambodia but have now been in Malta the past couple of years and focusing on saving some money (to eventually start my World Journey). I started working with Quicklets in October 2014. After a few months in the Ibrag Head Office (the first and only office at the time) followed by a few months in India, I returned to Malta in April 2015 and by June Steve lured me in as part of the Zanzi Homes Team.

I am now an Office Manager in Zanzi Head Office and I have learned a lot in the last 15 months; very pleased to see the team growing fast and our portfolio of SOLD properties growing even faster. Very happy to be part of a young dynamic team with Steve at the helm that most importantly puts its clients and its staff first above all. Close to 2 years with the company, so far has been an amazing experience, and can only get better from here.

Name: Derek Meilak

Age: 31

If foreign, mention country of origin: Born in USA, bred in Gozo, now live in Malta for the time being

Hobbies: Travelling, Reading, Swimming, Socialising, did I mention Travelling?

What were you doing before you started at ZH: Had an ice-cream shop and a smoothie bar for a few years, worked several bars and restaurants around the islands before that, and also lived and worked in Australia and New York for a while.

Favourite thing about working at ZH: Young energetic team, great energy, uncapped wages, own boss, create own work schedule, great company events, meeting people and finding them homes to live in or investments to make them money and live a better life

What motivates you to work hard: Paying off my flat to eventually travel the world and see as much as I can

What's the most daring thing you've ever done: Travelling alone to South East Asia, India and Nepal without a set plan or itinerary

Favourite quote: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway; Dance like Nobody is Watching; Dream, Explore, Discover


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Derek Meilak
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Derek Meilak