Zanzi Homes partners with Christian Ganado

Zanzi Homes partners with Christian Ganado

Zanzi Homes has brought in Christian Ganado as an adviser, specifically for its new high-end team and website that will be launched later this month.

This new website will be aimed at capturing, and competing with, the high-end market exclusively.

Zanzi Homes continues to go from success to success in sales, almost doubling in sales year on year. While still keeping its strong roots, focusing on its strong points and clientele, Zanzi is now aiming at changing the perception that is perceived by some of the public, ensuring that this reflects what Zanzi really is and what it is evolving into. 

Zanzi Homes’ Management team has been strengthened by adding new additions to the team and has embarked on a journey to further elevate the team’s capabilities by welcoming new luminaries into the fold.

For over two decades, Ganado has worked in the local and international retail sectors representing various key brands, specialising on the Maltese, Italian, Austrian and other European markets. He was very involved in the real estate side of the business.

Together with his family, Ganado has been involved in residential and commercial projects, which include the shopping and entertainment sectors.

He has also been and is involved as a shareholder and/or sitting on the advisory board or the board of directors of a number of tech companies, digital start-ups and telcos.

He is also very active in the data tracking and in the engagement of customers through Omnichannel. His focus is on the European, South-East Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

He now aims to share his knowledge and experience with Zanzi Homes, enhancing their offer and further strengthening the team.

“The founders of Zanzi Homes, Steve Mercieca and Michael Mercieca have proven their success and knowing their work ethos and mindset, it was a no brainer to join and add/aid when and where I can. We have different approaches and work experiences and I am their senior by 12 and nine years respectively, so we can bring different views and ideas to the table, complimenting each other,” Ganado said.

“I am also looking at additional services, which add new revenue streams to the company and, at the same time, offer a better offer to our clients and to new clients. Also, being first cousin to the Zanzi Homes head of sales, Paul Trapani Galea Feriol, has also ensured a seamless transition.”

Ganado has already been involved with the company for a few months and said he was overwhelmed by the welcome he received by the head office, franchise owners and the Zanzi Homes ( and the QuickLets ( teams.

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