Brilliant things happen in calm minds - Meditation session by Monk Pasura

Brilliant things happen in calm minds - Meditation session by Monk Pasura

Committed to a supportive workplace

At Zanzi Homes we are committed to shaking up the property market in Malta and Gozo. The key to making us stand out from the crowd is helping our employees give their 100 per cent. To do this, we make every effort possible to provide a welcoming and supportive workplace and to support the wellbeing of all our team members. 

Putting words into practice

To put this into practice Zanzi Homes encourages employees to take initiatives which support the overall wellbeing of the whole team. One such initiative was organised recently by Matthew Camilleri, one of our real estate consultants. Matthew, who apart from being a real estate consultant is also a part time life/mindset coach, teamed up with Malia Sammut and the Thai community in Malta to bring to Malta Phra Pasura Dantamano

During his visit to Malta, Phra Pasura who is responsible for international relations at Bangkok’s renowned Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple, met with the Zanzi Homes team to help them explore and understand what meditation does and what its benefits are both for them personally and in helping them take better decision for our home buyers and sellers.

Taking control to become more productive

The event for Zanzi employees, addressed by Phra Pasura, took place at the Preluna Hotel and highlighted a few key issues that need to be addressed to make us all more productive and happier.

These include:

  • A slower mind is a more productive one. Racing from one thing to another means we have less control over our lives.
  • Lack of control over our lives creates problems of anxiety which makes us easily distracted and prevents us from focussing on what and who is important to us. It also makes us less able to cope with problems and pressure.
  • We need to focus on the present. What has been or what could be distracts us from what is. Not focussing on what is happening right now means we go through life without understanding or appreciating what we are doing and leads to a feeling of lack of purpose

With these thoughts in mind, those present then had the opportunity to discuss ways in which the mind can be nurtured to achieve its full potential and become highly focussed on life’s most important tasks. This discussion also took a deeper look at how meditation can help nurture the mind by training it to stop wondering uncontrollably.

The practical benefits of meditation

The discussion then took a practical turn with the group managing to sit and meditate for 50 minutes, an impressive achievement considering the fact that this was a first experience for many. 

The impact of the session was, however, clear with many realising how hard it actually is to gain control of your mind and stop it from becoming distracted. Some of the benefits of meditation also shone through with one Zanzi colleague, who suffers from constant `tinnitus` - a constant ringing in the ear – being stunned by the fact that the ringing stopped after some time into the meditation.

This latter experience highlights the fact that meditation can help you to take control of your mind and that this control is key to achieving better results at work and in life generally and improving general health and wellbeing.

Using meditation to offer a better service to home sellers and buyers

Meditation can help people become better by becoming more positive, more confident and more successful as actions are increasingly based on a stronger and better attitude to life.

The calmness and control which meditation brings enables better decisions. At Zanzi Homes we always encourage colleagues to pursue experiences that will help them take better decisions for themselves and our clients. We see this a playing a central role in fulfilling our commitment to deliver an exceptional tailored service where homebuyers and sellers have their needs and desires placed firmly at the centre of the service they receive.

As we go forward, Zanzi Homes will continue to place the wellbeing of its employees at the heart of its development. It is part of what makes us different and what has underlined our rapid growth over recent years. You can learn more about us and the properties we have on offer at

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