How home ownership can bring you joy

How home ownership can bring you joy

Homeownership offers a whole new level of happiness. Here’s why.

With an increased focus on our personal growth, mental health and well-being has taken centre stage in recent years, property ownership maintains its position as an assumed contributor towards happiness and a benchmark for the achievement of success. 

The truth is though, that as a society, we have developed an insatiable desire for the gathering of material wealth, and buying property in Malta falls neatly into this category. However, when digging deeper, whilst the actual process and achievement of property ownership is incredibly rewarding, there are multiple additional benefits associated with building a property portfolio that inadvertently aids in contributing to a person's happiness and wellbeing. 

Below we look to identify some of the reasons why buying a property in Malta can help in bringing you the joy you deserve. 


Buying a property in Malta can help you save money in the long run.

Property as a piggy bank 

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Perhaps the most obvious benefit of buying a property in Malta is the way in which it enables people to subdue some of the financial stress often felt by those who choose to rent instead.
Having a mortgage still costs money of course, and doesn’t promise a continually increasing bank balance (at least not immediately). However, it does provide peace of mind knowing that the money you spend actually goes somewhere and doesn’t end up in a landlords pocket. 

Add to this that whilst property markets may rise and fall, there is inevitably an upwards curve and generally, property will increase in value, especially over an extended period of time. Owning a property generally also correlates to a higher income and cash position, which in turn removes some degree of stress and contributes to that sense of joy as you are able to put away that little bit more each month than if you were renting. 

Buying a property in Malta can bring you elements of joy at psychological level

Property Pride 

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In comparison to the tangible benefit of commercial gain from your property investment in Malta, another element of joy can be found on a psychological level. 

That is that when buying property in Malta, you are buying a home, not a house. Something that you have worked and saved for and can now call your own. With that comes a significant sense of pride, and as result, homeowners tend to value their properties on not only a financial level but also on an emotional one. 

Owning a home means you are more likely to look after it, grinning from ear to ear as you invite guests in for the first time and show them around. And that pride transforms itself into joy when at the end of the day you tuck yourself into bed, reflecting and appreciative of all the work you put into achieving your goal. 

Home ownership can bring you joy as it brings you closer to your community.

Community engagement

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Probably one of our favourite reasons why home ownership can bring you joy is how it encourages a deeper connection with your immediate community. 

Buying a property in Malta, as opposed to simply renting, generally results in consideration for your neighbourhood and the people that you find yourself interacting with on a daily basis. 

After all, the chances are that you intend to live in your new home for some time, particularly if it is your first investment. In doing so you naturally want to see your community thrive. This means actively engaging with neighbours, campaigning for the maintenance of local facilities like parks and recreational spaces and ensuring that the area remains a place where you continue to want to live. In comparison, renting often means moving more frequently, never finding roots in one place, and thus not investing the time and energy to make become a part of that space. 

To sum it all up, buying property in Malta is more than just an investment. If done right, it can make you happier, and have a ripple effect that extends further than just your front door. We all need somewhere to start though, and if you’re struggling to know where to start to get yourself onto the property ladder, you don’t need to go it alone. 

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