10 Tips For Organising Your whole house

10 Tips For Organising Your whole house

When you choose to sell your house in Malta it’s vital that you ensure your house looks the best it possibly can! When you present your house to potential buyers, having a well organised home will not only be far more enticing but it will also create a greater level of confidence in you and your agent too! Here we provide 10 tips for organising your home. 

First impressions matter when trying to sell your house in Malta

When you decide to sell your house in Malta you’ll have one chance to make a great impression to each prospective buyer. It’s always a good idea to look at what prospective buyers will see when they first arrive. Is the garden well groomed? Have you removed weeds or dead leaves from the path?  Does your front door need a lick of paint? All of these things are vitally important in ensuring you are able to sell your property in Malta in a timely, hassle free manner. A great test is to pull up outside your property and imagine yourself as the prospective buyer as quite often we overlook things we see on a daily basis. 


What’s that smell?  

One of the next things prospective buyers will notice when you sell your property in Malta is how it smells. It’s a good idea to give your house a good airing. If you’ve had pets or smokers in the property then a deep clean of any material furnishings will help dramatically. Using good quality diffusers and air fresheners can also be beneficial but don’t go overboard! One smell that’s been proven to help sell your house is the odour of freshly baked bread which conjures up images of a warm welcoming home. 

Fixtures and fittings 

When you decide to sell your property in Malta it’s a good idea to check all the little fixtures and fittings. Damaged or discoloured plug sockets, lampshades and light fittings can all put a buyer off and are relatively cheap to replace. Replacing these simple fixtures and fitting will give your home a well cared for look giving potential buyers confidence. 

Choosing clever storage solutions

Make the most of every space

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Planning is key and storage is your friend when it comes to organising your home. These two factors ensure that your home is easy to keep tidy and clean, naturally this applies even more so when selling your house in Malta as space comes at a premium. Take a look around your house and check for any spaces that you may have disregarded, it’s amazing how many clever storage solutions are out there! Also really consider the way you store things, if you have to pull out ten items to get to one item you use frequently then it’s a lot more work than it should be, that’s why planning how you store things really makes a difference in keeping your house organised. 


Once you have good storage in place it’s time to declutter! Go through everything you no longer need or use and dispose of it. You can either donate the items or alternatively sell them online and put the money towards some nice plants for your entrance or some homely scented candles. By doing this you maximise the storage you have allowing for a space that’s easy to keep clean and organised. 

Lighting up dark spaces

Lighting opens up a space

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Organising the lighting in your home may sound like an odd concept but the difference it can make is vast when trying to sell your house in Malta. The most obvious thing to do is replace any bulbs that are no longer working and also consider replacing any bulbs that let out a cold white light with warmer more welcoming alternatives. Also consider lighting up any dark corners of your home with floor lamps or table lamps. The more a prospective buyer can see, the larger the property will look and the more homely and warm your house looks the better the chance of you selling your house in Malta quickly.

Make your home flow 

Something that many people overlook is how a home flows. If your shower room is on the third floor and your towel drawer is on the ground floor then that’s bad flow. The better your home flows the easier it is to keep clean and organised. Simple little things like a basic keyholder next to the front door, a small shoe rack and so on suggests an organised, stress free home that’s laid out for a life of minimal stress. 

Outdoor space 

As we all know outdoor space comes at a premium and maximising that space whilst also making it a place where someone wants to spend time can really increase the chances of selling your house in Malta. As with inside, declutter and clean any gardens, balconies or roof terraces ensuring they look as spacious and clean as possible. Consider some clever garden storage options to hide away the items that are required to look after your outside space. 

Moving your items out 

When selling your house in Malta, you may have to move your belongings out. The good news is if you’ve already decluttered then you’ll only be taking the items you need. Try to use professional packing boxes that you can easily label as these will help dramatically when you reach your new residence. If you have to pack clothing then simply leave it on the hanger so it can be hung at your new home and always pack heavier items at the bottom of a box.

A full deep clean 

When selling your house in Malta, a full deep clean is vital. If you plan to do this first then select one room near to the entrance of the property where you can store anything you no longer need or anything you plan to take with you. You can then deep clean the rest of the property without the need to drag these items through the house and it minimises the space you’ll need for sorting so you won’t be running from room to room all the time. A deep clean is a great time to think about the flow and storage options in your home before you buy extra storage. 

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