Get the inside scoop on: Zebbug

Get the inside scoop on: Zebbug

The next addition to our ‘Get the Inside Scoop’ series spotlights the hidden gem that is Zebbug. Zebbug, meaning olive in Maltese, was named so after the large olive trees that previously existed on the grounds where the parish church is currently found. Found in the central regional areas of the Maltese island, is the quaint town of Zebbug, which still retains an authentic Maltese atmosphere and makes it the perfect destination for anyone looking to buy a property surrounded by the calming and traditional Maltese atmosphere the island is known for. 

If looking for properties for sale in Zebbug be sure to admire the traditional Maltese buildings surrounding the town’s parish church.

Importance of the town

The town of Zebbug is not heavily featured in guide books or blogs about Malta as there are no museums or traditional attractions that are usually mentioned, though it still holds much historical value. The town held much importance during the time of the Knights of St. John, and is also one of the oldest towns on the Maltese Islands. The striking monument of the de Rohan Arch found in the centre of the city was erected in 1777 though due to technical difficulties the original plan  fell through and only half of the project was carried out and one arch was built. It now currently stands in the town entrance referred to as ‘the new gateway’ or il-Bieb il-Gdid

When buying a property in Zebbug you’ll enjoy the touch of traditional Matese architecture that adorns the narrow streets.

Types of houses on the market in Zebbug

Many first time buyers and young couples are opting for more traditional homes that carry historical value such as farmhouses or houses of character typical of properties on the Maltese Islands, over more modern apartments. If you are a first time buyer, be sure to check out Zanzi Homes’ exclusive First Time Buyer package where you could save up to €13,000 - yes, you’re welcome! 

The Zebbug urban village core started off as a small community that over the years has spread and growth to provide a variety of different possibilities for anyone looking for a house for sale in Malta as there are many options available to them. 

For a look at the many prospective properties for sale in Zebbug, Malta which range from town houses to modern apartments browse through the Zanzi Homes website or drop us a line/email and speak to one of our real estate agents who’d be happy to guide you. 

To keep your eye on this hidden gem and stay up to date with all that’s going on follow the vibrant ‘City of Zebbug’ Facebook page 

Explore the town

The town's true character and charm gravitates around the town square. The importance of band clubs can be seen throughout the Maltese Islands and especially here in this town, along with every town’s football club. If you’re considering buying a property in Zebbug, another aspect of town life you’ll enjoy here is schmoozing around from one coffee shop to another. These are great meeting places where you can find elderly best friends catching up over atazza te (glass of tea), which turns into a productive day of people watching whilst sat at their favorite bench facing the church entrance biting down on a classic pastizzi tar-ricotta. Can you tell we adore the intricacies of traditional Maltese lifestyle? And we dare say, you will too!  

Make your way through the quaint and narrow side streets to spot the abundance of townhouses and houses of character that could become your dream home property, which are found as you go deeper towards the core of the town. There is a great religious presence throughout the town accredited to the various religious niches found in the peppered through narrow streets. The Zebbug festa is always a great and memorable experience and brings colour, music and fireworks to the town. 

Main blog photo courtesy of Frank Vincentz under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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