Why so many British people are choosing Malta as the best place to retire.

Why so many British people are choosing Malta as the best place to retire.

Have all the changes in the world got you thinking about how you would like to spend your retirement? Malta is a well-known summer destination for many Europeans. You may have even previously explored the Maltese Islands on a short week visit to soak up the Mediterranean summer sunshine. Although, it’s may now be time to consider it as a long-term destination or even a retirement destination. The constant sunshine and laid back lifestyle and multiple benefits set up to accommodate expats living in Malta could be your new reality. So why not make it your new dream retirement destination? 


What? No language barrier?

Found smack bang in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is a hidden gem among the rest of the gorgeous European countries that surround the archipelago. Dripping in sun, sand and crystal blue seas, it is also packed with a long lineage of history influenced by the many cultures of past colonisers. Britain being of worthy note.

 This leads us to our first pro. It is due to our colonial past with Great Britain that we now have two national languages, Maltese and English. For this reason especially for British expats looking to retire in Malta there’s no problem with communicating with locals, drawing up property contracts or grabbing a coffee at your local bistro. This in turn has allowed Malta and Great Britain to form an alliance and friendship between the communities making it a welcoming and familiar place for anyone looking to retire to Malta from the UK. 


Living in Malta offers the perfect balance between great nightlife with many areas peppered with bars, restaurants and the occasional pub - and a more sedated, relaxed and easy lifestyle of the Mediterranean for those in pursuit of a leisurely retirement in Malta. The atmosphere depends on the area you chose to inhabit, some places you may find a thick British influence are the areas or Bugibba and St. Paul’s Bay or why not go off the beaten path and venture out to the traditional Maltese fishing village of Marsascala and get a true taste of Maltese culture. Check out these suggestions for the top ten restaurants, bars and pubs in Malta as a starting point. Then make up your own top 10 list once you get here and settle in. 

Cost of living

Malta has become increasingly popular specifically for British expats looking to buy a property in Malta. And in case you’re looking to continue your investments or have a keen eye for business, Malta is not only a safe haven for a holiday away it’s also raised some great attraction in the business and investment sector. First-time buyer schemes in Malta make finding and buying a property quite simple and affordable. Check out Zanzi Homes exclusive first time buyer’s package to get an insight into why the Malta property market is booming. With new regulations being put into place, why not contact one of our Zanzi Homes real estate agents to help you go through and understand these new rules. Recruiting someone to help will be a sure way of building this new reality to retire here in Malta from the UK. 

Retiring in Malta from the UK could be a closer reality than you initially imagined.

Zanzi Homes Offers

Brexit has many British expats wondering whether Malta is still a viable retirement option in our post-Brexit world. But the love of the Maltese for our British allies has ensured that several agreements have been put in place to facilitate and provide security for British nationals and British people living in Malta including; gaining social security benefits as well as pension benefits which we, as Zanzi Homes agents can help unpack. Check out this resource to get more information on the benefits you could be gaining from moving to Malta from the UK after brexit as well as what your rights and responsibilities are as UK nationals living here in Malta especially if you plan on retiring to Malta from the UK.

Working with a Zanzi Homes agent will also provide you with the information and access available to you for all your retirement needs. 

There is a thriving British expat community present here in Malta so you won’t have to look too far to find some support from your fellow Brits. If you need a head start, look into the Brits in Malta Facebook page and get to meeting your new neighbours. 

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