Get the inside scoop on: Valletta

Get the inside scoop on: Valletta

Welcome to the second in our series of Get the inside scoop on, this week we’re focusing on all the things our vibrant Capital City has to offer. We aim to inform you as potential clients and buyers looking for a property for sale in Malta or the average reader about everything Valletta and what it could possibly contribute to your lifestyle. 

Whether you’re a tourist or a local looking to buy a property in Valletta, Malta, there is always something new to discover or learn about this majestic Capital City.

The Diversity Valletta Has To Offer

Valletta is known for being the European Union's smallest capital city , yet as small as it is, it sure does pack a punch. It is a space for living and working, with administrative and commercial buildings alike. It is the hub of all things business and play. The hustle and bustle of the city life by day is contrasted by the timeless atmosphere by night as the architecture takes you back in time.

You never know what you could discover whilst exploring the mysterious narrow streets - everything from art works, bars, and churches. Whether you’re a visitor looking to discover the true history of the Maltese Islands or a local considering buying a property in Malta, there are endless amounts of sites to see, fountains to find and niches to explore.

The best way to discover the capital city is to travel on foot although there are many activities to do and things to see Valletta’s gardens should definitely be on the top of that list. The Upper Barrakka gardens, Lower Barrakka gardens and Hastings are three of the most popular, offering great scenic views for both locals and visitors to enjoy, although with a little bit of curiosity one can find many more hidden gems around.

Live amongst the colourful vibrancy of Valletta and look for a property to buy in Valletta, Malta.

Types of houses on the market in Valletta

Valletta’s architecture includes a copious amount of bastions, churches, forts and astonishingly beautiful townhouses with colourful gallerias. The city becomes even more impressive after discovering that the entirety was built by hand as no mechanical tools existed at the time. Have a look at the endless amount of properties that are available on our Zanzi Homes website.

There will always be something to do when living in a penthouse in Valletta.

Events this season

Valletta is notorious for their Christmas activities, decorated houses, shops and streets which will be streamed with Christmas trees, lights, and decorations. This year regulations have hindered the usual full on Christmas festivities though there are still events going on all over the city. Despite the current COVID-19 situation the Ministry of Tourism are devoted to keeping the Christmas spirit alive, whilst still sticking to government regulations and helping economic activity.

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