Moving Property During The Most Chaotic Time Of Year

Moving Property During The Most Chaotic Time Of Year

The Christmas countdown is truly underway! For some, buying Christmas presents is the most stressful decision, constantly asking what gift to buy their family and friends. Though for others there is another, arguably more stressful matter: that of moving to a new property for sale over the Christmas period.

Unsurprisingly, we can all agree that moving house is perhaps one of the most stressful events in someone’s life. And surprisingly, it so happens that this time of year is most popular for people moving houses. Autumn brings the flurry of buyers and sellers wanting to sell or move in before Christmas day. Though due to the recent pause in the property market caused by the COVID-19 uncertainty, agencies are warning prospective buyers to be patient and flexible as changes in regulations and system may result in a lengthier process than usual. If you’re planning on moving during this Christmas period, this is the article may give you some helpful tips to ease the stress. Afterall, it is also one of the most spectacularly exciting life events too! We’ve carefully curated a list of tips that will help make this transition easier on you.

Prepare a date when you plan to move houses

Plan your move date for before the 24th December to salvage the little bit of Christmas you may have left. If you schedule your contract and moving date efficiently, you’ll be able to put your feet up and relax in your new developmental property in Malta or Gozo. Be sure to also schedule your moving van a couple of days before the actual moving day to be sure you’ll have everything ready to unpack when you get to your new property in Malta or Gozo. Lastly, be patient. Although planning and organisation is key, timetables and schedules can often be delayed. Communicating your expectations and needs to your property agent will help them deliver.

Have an Organised Packing System

Block out at least 2 weeks to start packing before the moving date. If you planned to pack in advance, start with items that you’ll use less often to avoid the problem of digging out something that’s already packed away. Label your boxes correctly to speed things up when you get to your new home on the other end.

  • Box

  • Label

  • List

  • Repeat

Have a list of all the items that are in the boxes will make it easier when finding the things you need when in the process of unpacking.

Moving to new house
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Check Your Utility Bills

Be sure to check your utility bills for electricity, water and heating from your former residence. Inform your utility provides of the move and settle your final bill. Don’t forget about your TV and internet provider. Can you take those services with you to your new place?

Pre-plan your Christmas Shopping

Having your gifts wrapped and ready to go earlier this year is essential. The idea of stressing out about buying presents and moving house at the same time would give anyone anxiety. This will allow you to have peace of mind when it comes to your gifts, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Pack your presents and Christmas decorations in the same boxes. This will make it easier to find your Christmas boxes and create that special Christmas feel in your new home. This means you can move AND enjoy Christmas – if you manage, you’ll have plenty to celebrate. Cheers to that!

Sit Back, Enjoy and Celebrate the Christmas Season

Don’t get too carried away with getting everything perfect and set up. Remember what this season is about. So pull out those stockings and start those Christmas traditions in your newly bought property. Remember to constantly check up on kids or your pets as this may be a very stressful time seeing as they’re leaving a place they were familiar with, in a time like this so be patient and understanding throughout.

Happy Christmas moving!!

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