Home Staging Secrets For This Magical Christmas Season

Home Staging Secrets For This Magical Christmas Season

It’s the most magical time of year, so why not use some Christmas magic to help sell your property for sale? If you chose to put your home on the Maltese or Gozitan property market at this time of year, there are a few industry secrets you should think about. Rather than stop viewings all together in this chaotic time, use these home-staging secrets to keep your home on the property market and sell as soon as possible.

Home staging for the real estate market involves the balancing process of sticking to your Christmas family traditions, whilst simultaneously making it still look appropriate for viewings and open houses. Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your family and strangers alike may be a tricky task, though it is very possible.


Eye-Catcher or Eye-Sore?

The exterior of your property for sale will be the first impression potential buyers will get, so make it count! If you’re usually one for extravagance, especially during the Christmas period and love the all-out Christmas lights feel, maybe this year consider opting for a more neutral colour palette - one that will complement the interior of your property for sale.

The usual front garden ornaments, like Christmas gnomes and life-sized Santa may distract the viewer and make the space seem smaller than it truly is so, unfortunately, consider keeping them in their box for this year. Instead, add a wreath to your front door and maybe even turn it into a DIY project for you and the kids. You can easily make a wreath out of loose pine cones picked from your last brisk winter walk. Make it as simple or complex as you wish to catch the eye of an estate agent or future owner.

If you’re looking to find some DIY Christmas activities to get into this season, here are a few ideas you can use to spruce up your property for sale.

Many people use their front door to grab potential buyer’s attention by adding a touch of Christmas spirit to the facade of their properties for sale in Malta.

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Focus the Christmas spirit in one area of your property

To your kids’ dismay, their homemade Christmas decor may not be appreciated by some. Just as your white winter Christmas wonderland may not be appreciated by other possible buyers. Everyone has different tastes in decor, especially when it comes to Christmas, so try to hold back this year and restrict your decorations to the main room of the house so as to not distract and create extra clutter in other bedrooms and main areas. Adding too many personal elements to your home when it is on the market may make it harder for possible future owners to envision their life and how they would decorate the space themselves.

Focusing your energy on one room of your property for sale in Malta also means less clean up after the Christmas season is over!

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Think Minimal

White is the new green and red! So away with the traditional and go for something more modern that will complement the style of your property on the market. Neutral tones are more likely to complement the rest of the house and furniture making it less overwhelming on the potential future owners. A great DIY activity could be picking twigs and painting them white for an extra white Christmas feel. Family photos and family keepsakes are valuable and personal to you, leaving them out for an open house to see may send the wrong message. When picking out your tree it’s best to keep in mind that a smaller size will help show off the true space in the room, try to avoid buying one that takes up too much space so they’ll be able to see the true size of the room.

Keep your decor for your property for sale in Malta simple this Christmas period.

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