Things to consider when you buy a penthouse in the extreme weather conditions of Malta

Things to consider when you buy a penthouse in the extreme weather conditions of Malta

When thinking about buying a penthouse in Malta or Gozo, we automatically associate it with luxury, extravagance and leisure but there are a few things to consider, like the weather. In Malta, we’re faced with hot, sunny Mediterranean summers and wild island winds. If you’re looking to buy a penthouse, perhaps in a new development, on the Maltese Islands dig into the insights below to help you with making the right decision.


Double Up!

In the hot summer months, temperatures can reach over 30 degrees, and drop to around 10 degrees in winter time. This calls for a temperature control system. Insulating your roof will help reduce the effects of the hot temperatures. There are many benefits of installing double glazing, mainly it is a great alternative to using an airconditioning system constantly to regulate the temperature in your penthouse, as it’s more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Which plants can survive a penthouse in Malta?

If you’re looking to buy an apartment in Malta with an outdoor area and are considering curating your own little garden space, you should consider the drastic changes in temperature you’ll be exposing your plants to, especially in the winter months when winds can increase greatly. Obviously, winds and weather conditions may vary according to the height of the block of flats. If you don’t consider yourself a horticulturist this may add an extra challenge and may make it harder to keep your plants, crops or herbs alive. Consider buying hardier plants like cacti or succulents. You can also consider creating a shield from the wind by installing a trellis or using a light tarpaulin to shield the plants from the wind. Be savvy with your plant choices and structures. Pay a visit to Sherries Estate and their staff are sure to help you out.

The views from a penthouse are like no other but do not underestimate the power weather can have on such a tiny island. A Times of Malta article shows how drastically Maltese weather can change dramatically from sunshine to destructive downpours.

Things to look out for with your Real Estate Agent.

If you’re considering buying a penthouse of your own, you can start by checking out our list of pros and cons.

Penthouses are a great option, whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re looking to buy a house in Malta. If you find the right fit you could have a great outdoor space with a great view without incurring the expenses of buying a house with an outdoor space or garden. These kinds of properties would also bring with them high maintenance costs. There are many advantages of looking into, penthouses offer lots of natural light and unobstructed views. The penthouse of a block of apartments usually has more square footage than any other unit in the block, allowing it to appear more spacious, giving more space to raise your family or entertain guests. Another great aspect is that you can enjoy 360 degree privacy, giving you the space to have family time or alone time without having to worry about noisy neighbours and the hustle and bustle of city life. Lastly, there is also the added bonus of a higher resale value. If you manage to find the right real estate agent at the right time you could garner major added value resulting in a greater return on investment.

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